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Sample repo to demonstrate possible bug in Clojure protocols
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The issue here appears to be that protocol functions get mutated when a new implementing type is added. For example:

user=> (defprotocol Foo (foo [this]))
user=> foo
#<user$eval75$fn__76$G__66__81 user$eval75$fn__76$G__66__81@28ae4646>
user=> (extend-type String Foo (foo [this] "x"))
user=> foo
#<user$eval75$fn__76$G__66__81 user$eval75$fn__76$G__66__81@6f03de90>

Note that the foo function has the same class but is a different instance - presumably it's closing over a different set of implementations or something. But this means that if you evaluate a protocol function before extending some types to it, the version you evaluate&save will not respect the implementations added since then. See the source for an example, where a desire to use closures and HOFs leads to unexpected behavior (the errors seen in the tests).


Do whatever you want. I place this code in the public domain.

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