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Gzips Ring responses for user agents which can handle it.


Apply the Ring middleware function ring.middleware.gzip/wrap-gzip to your Ring handler, typically at the top level (i.e. as the last bit of middleware in a -> form).


Add [amalloy/ring-gzip-middleware "0.1.3"] to your Leingingen dependencies.

Compression of seq bodies

In JDK versions <=6, does not actually flush data compressed so far, which means that every gzip response must be complete before any bytes hit the wire. While of marginal importance when compressing static files and other resources that are consumed in an all-or-nothing manner (i.e. virtually everything that is sent in a Ring response), lazy sequences are impacted negatively by this. In particular, long-polling or server-sent event responses backed by lazy sequences, when gzipped under <=JDK6, must be fully consumed before the client receives any data at all.

So, this middleware does not gzip-compress Ring seq response bodies unless the JDK in use is 7+, in which case it takes advantage of the new flush-ability of GZIPOutputStream there.


Copyright (C) 2010 Michael Stephens and other contributors.

Distributed under an MIT-style license (see LICENSE for details).