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"Hotline Bling" Game

This game is a satirical look at the song "Hotline Bling" by Drake. In it, the player is a girl whose goal is to "wear more and go out less" (to parody the song lyrics: "You started wearing less and going out more").

The player must collect hearts, cell phones, and diamonds (which add points) while avoiding disco balls, champagne glasses, and pills (which subtract points). This was done to satirise the concept of the "ideal good girl" that is implied by the song. To play the game, the player must avoid letting their character fall off the screen by tapping the spacebar.

The game was created as a Java Applet using the Eclipse IDE, with the main Applet interface methods residing in the file "StartingClass.class". The files "Player.class" and "PointAdder.class" are classes to describe the player and obstacles, respectively.

The .java files can be found in /src/hotlineblinggame, and the .class files can be found in /bin/hotlineblinggame.