⚛️ + 📱 A self taught way of learning React Native.
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30 Days of React Native ⚛️ + 📱

A self taught way of learning React Native.

Philosophy 🤔

It’s a project in which you create at least 30 working modules/apps using React Native.

The target it to get hands on experience with React Native ASAP.

Motivation/Inspiration 🤯 👏

The idea for this repo is inspired by awesome developers out there who took initiative of doing something similar

How to use this Repo ⁉️

This file is a listing to other Standalone apps that have been published as separate repositories.

Simple StopWatch Timer


  • build a Stop Watch Timer interface
  • use play, pause and reset buttons
  • use react-native-vector-icons/MaterialIcons for display icons for buttons
  • use react-native link

Code | Tools: react-native-cli

Custom Font


  • use two text fields two
  • use two custom fonts for separate text fields
  • use assets/fonts dir to store fonts in app
  • use package.json/rnpm to define custom font for linking
  • use react-native link to link font files for iOS

Code | Tutorial by Dave Hudson | Tools: react-native-cli

Carousel Effect


  • use ImageBackground
  • use react-native-blur for background image blur view
  • use ListView to render images from an array and display them horizontally
  • use showsVerticalScrollIndicator to display a scroll indicator

Code | Tools: react-native-cli

Weather Cards


  • linting with ESlint, used custom eslint config
  • build an interface with Card View and Input
  • use Activity Indicator to indicate loading
  • use StatusBar
  • Fetching Data from an API
  • use KeyboardAvoidingView to add padding to view on keyboard toggle
  • build custom Card View
  • use ImageBackground to display background image
  • use TextInput for user input and local state management to fetch data based on search

Code | Article | Tools: CRNA

Geolocation and Permissions API

Demo Demo

This is divided in two parts:

  • using Expo
  • using react-native-cli
  • use navigator available in JS natively
  • use getCurrentPosition to fetch the current coordinates
  • use Permissions API from Expo
  • Request permission to use Location Services in Android when using react-native-cli


Tutorial | Tools: Expo-cli & react-native-cli

Lottie Example


  • use Lottie- an animataion lib that renders Adobe Effect files as static images
  • fetch animation as a json file
  • create functions for loading animation file and playing it

Code | Tutorial | Tools: Expo

Change Themes in an RN App


  • use redux to manage state
  • Demonstrate changing themes
  • change background color of the app on select
  • use react-navigation to navigate to different screens

Code | Tools: Expo

Pomodoro Timer


  • build a timer interface with play and pause button that displays time in seconds and minutes
  • use Redux to manage state and create store
  • use re-ducks philosophy to manage Redux files (see /Timer)
  • build resuable stateless Button component
  • use PropTypes
  • use Vector icons from FontAwesome

Code | Tutorial | Tools: Expo-CLI

React Navigation Example

Demo Demo

  • use react-navigation v2.0+
  • use StackNavigator
  • use TabNavigator

Code | Tutorial |Tools: react-native-cli

Camera Roll in React Native


  • use react-navigation to navigate between different screens
  • use CameraRoll from React-Native API to access iOS device images
  • use react-native-fetch-blob for file access, transfer image from unsplash-api to iOS device
  • use react-native-share to share the image
  • use Modal to toggle a Modal Screen

Code | Tutorial by Nader Dabit | Tools: react-native-cli