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Expressjs Snippets

A collection of snippets for Express.js. To initiate, you can either use shorthand methods or type an express method and rest will be autocomplete.

  • Supports es6 syntax.
  • Applicable upto Expressjs 4.x.x version.

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A collection of Expressjs snippets for Atom


Go to Settings > Install and then search for expressjs under Packages.

After installing this package, please restart Atom Editor.

Snippets Usage

These snippets are for daily use to avoid writing as much as it could the boilerplate code. If you like, to add yours, feel free to contribute.

Common Express Methods:

(es5 versions of methods that use keyword function in place of => functions are suffix by f)

  • aall | aallf app.all()
  • adel | adelf app.delete()
  • adisable app.disable()
  • adisabled app.disabled()
  • aenable app.enable()
  • aenabled app.enabled()
  • aget | agetf app.get()
  • apost | apostf app.apost()
  • aput | aputf app.put()
  • alisten | alistenf app.listen() template
  • listen app.listen()
  • aroute app.route()
  • aset app.set()
  • ause app.use()
  • rjson res.json()
  • rjsonp res.jsonp()
  • rredirect res.redirect()
  • rrender res.render()
  • rsend res.send()
  • rstatus res.status()
  • rss res.status().send();
  • router() express.Router()
  • rget | rgetf router.get()
  • rpost | rpostf router.apost()
  • rput | rputf router.put()
  • rall | rallf router.all()
  • rdel | rdelf router.delete()

Initializing app variable

  • app const app = express();

Requiring Express

  • express const express = require('express');

Requiring Express-Session

  • session const session = require('express-session');

Commonly used Middleware

  • bodyparserj app.use(bodyParser.json());
  • bodyparserurl app.use(bodyParser.urlencoded({extended: true}));
  • methodoverride app.use(methodOverride('method'));
  • staticfile app.use(express.static('public'));
  • compress app.use(compression({level:zlib.Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION}));
  • helmet app.use(helmet());
  • logger app.use(logger());


Pull requests for more snippets are welcome. If you like to add yours, feel free to contribute.

In lieu of a formal style guide, take care to maintain the existing coding style.


Copyright (c) Aman Mittal