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⚠️ Currently not actively maintained

Hey! I created this project when I was dipping my toes into the world of web development. A lot has happened since then. Currently, this project is not actively maintained so I am going to archive it. Feel free to fork or take over it if you still want to maintain it. Although, I think the web dev world has come a long way since then especially for personal blogs and portfolio sites. ✌️

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🚀 Gatsby Starter - CeeVee | Design by Styleshout | Developed in React ⚛️ by Aman Mittal

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  • Based on the Ceevee site template, design by Styleshout
  • Single Page Resume/Portfolio site
  • Target audience Developers, Designers, etc.
  • Used CSS Modules, easy to manipulate
  • FontAwsome Library for icons
  • Responsive Design, optimized for Mobile devices


Install this starter (assuming Gatsby is installed) by running from your CLI:

gatsby new gatsby-starter-ceevee

Run gatsby develop in the terminal to start.

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If you are using this theme with Gatsby, please leave a link of your site below. You can inspire someone!