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Tech Writing

📝 A list of all posts I have written in past on Web/Mobile Technologies.

This list is divided along major tech topics. There is also Miscellaneous section that contain posts that are not any library/framework related.

All of my posts on the internet are free to read. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do!

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React Native

Title Link Year
Build a Custom Modal with the Animated API in React Native Heartbeat 2019
Getting Started with Firestore and React Native 2019
Building Stylistic UIs with Emotion-JS for React Native Heartbeat 2019
User Authentication with Amplify in a React Native and Expo app Heartbeat 2019
Building a React Native Mobile App with AWS Amplify and Expo Heartbeat 2019
How to Build a Web App with React Native Heartbeat 2019
Build a Chat App with Firebase and React Native 2019
React Hooks Basics— Building a React Native App with React Hooks Crowdbotics 2019
How To Build Your First VR App with ViroReact and React Native Crowdbotics 2019
Build a Chatbot with Dialogflow and React Native 2019
How to Build a Real Time Logo Detection App with React Native, Google Vision API Crowdbotics 2019
Using Styled Components with React Native The Startup 2019
Create a React Native Image Recognition App with Google Vision API 2019
How To Build a News Reader App with React Native and NewsAPI Crowdbotics 2019
21 Useful Open Source Packages for React Native Crowdbotics 2019
Styling The React Native Way 2019
3 Steps to Learn React Native in 2019 The Startup 2019
Getting Started with React Native in 2019: Build Your First App 2019
My Top Tutorials in Web Development and React Native in 2018 2018
Integrating Firebase with React Native 2018
Using Geolocation in React Native 2018
How to use React-Navigation in a React Native App 2018
Accessing Geo-location and App Permissions in React Native and Expo React Native Training 2018
Simple Recipe to Build a Theme App in React Native 2018
How to integrate Redux into your application with React Native and Expo freeCodeCamp 2018
Week 3 with React Native: Why use Expo? 2018
Week 2 With React Native: Building a Weather App 2018
React Native: How to Setup Your First App 2018
Starting Over with React Native Medium 2018
Building a Minimalist Weather App with React Native and Expo Expo 2018
React Native: Getting Started with Lottie and Expo 2018


Title Link Year
How to Setup a React App with TypeScript, Storybook, and Crowdbotics Crowdbotics 2019
How to quickly build and integrate a serverless React application with Crowdbotics and AWS Amplify Crowdbotics 2019
How To Build a Hacker News Clone with React and Next.js Crowdbotics 2019
How to Upload a File with Reactjs and Nodejs 2018
Build a Progressive Web App using React 2018
How to Setup a React App from Scratch? 2017

NodeJS/MERN Stack

Title Link Year
Build a Twitter Clone Server with Apollo, GraphQL, Nodejs, and Crowdbotics Crowdbotics 2019
29 Useful Open Source Libraries for NodeJS Crowdbotics 2019
Top NodeJS Libraries and Tools For Machine Learning Crowdbotics 2018
How To Build a REST API With Nodejs and PostgreSQL Crowdbotics 2018
Building an authenticated MERN Stack App Using Material UI Crowdbotics 2018
How to Build a Serverless Backend with AWS Lambda and Node.js Crowdbotics 2018
Creating a GraphQL server with NodeJS Crowdbotics 2018
How to use Import statements in Nodejs? 2018
How To Set Up A Node Backend with Hapi.js For A React Web App Crowdbotics 2018
How to Build a REST API with KoaJS Crowdbotics 2018
How to deploy a MERN stack app on Heroku Crowdbotics 2018
Designing a REST API with Node.js and MongoDB Atlas Medium 2018
Tips for Creating Node.js REST APIs 2017
Setup Nodemon to auto restart Nodejs application server 2017
Converting a Buffer to JSON and Utf8 Strings in Nodejs 2017
How to paginate records in MySQL using Sequelize and Nodejs 2017
Getting Started with Sequelize for Nodejs Applications 2017
How to use ESLint in Node.js Applications? 2017
How to Mock Data for Node.js Applications using faker.js 2017
Migrating from ExpressJS 4 to 5 2017
How to make a Twitter Bot with Node.js - Part 2 2016
Create a Simple Twitter Bot with Node.js 2016
How process.nextTick() works in Node.js? Medium 2016
The Node.js System 2016


Title Link Year
How To Build A Blog From Scratch With React, Markdown, GraphQL and GatsbyJS Crowdbotics 2018
Gatsby.js: How to set up and use the React Static Site Generator freeCodeCamp 2018


Title Link Year
Learn to Build a Simple Progressive Web App (PWA) with Angular and Lighthouse — Hacker News Clone Crowdbotics 2018
Smart Tables with Angular 2018


Title Link Year
How I configure VSCode for Everything 2019
How to Get a Head Start Building Your Next Django App with the Crowdbotics App Builder Crowdbotics 2018
Boost Your Blogging Confidence and Write that Post The Startup 2018
Ionic 2/3 CLI Reference 2017
Passing Data Between Pages in an Ionic Application 2017
Multi Page Navigation in an Ionic App 2017
Using Google Fonts in an Ionic Application 2017
Basic Navigation in Ionic Applications 2017
How to use Font Awesome in an Ionic Application 2017
What is Ionic? 2017
Introduction to Hybrid Mobile Apps 2017
Remove node_modules Recursively Medium 2017
What’s New in npm 5? Medium 2017
Setting up MEAN Stack with Webstorm Medium 2017
Getting Started with Ionic Framework: An Overview 2017
How To Maintain Sanity When Finding A Job 2017
Using Bower with Heroku 2016
ATOM- An Editor of 21st Century Medium 2016

A note about me

I am fullstack software independent developer. I write about technologies/frameworks/development-tools that I use or have used in the past. My goal is to share what I know, learn along the way and improve both as a developer and as a writer. I like to break down complex concepts such that they become accessible and learnable in a precise and useful manner.

I personally use Medium and recently joined to publish individually but here is a list of publications I have written for/worked with that exist both on and outside Medium.

  • Crowdbotics
  • freeCodeCamp
  • React Native Training
  • JSCrambler
  • Hackernoon
  • ITNext
  • Eduonix
  • (also Curriculum creator for NodeJS course)
  • Pusher
  • The Startup
  • Heartbeat

You can find or learn more about me at my website.


Every week I send out a newsletter to developers who are willing to learn and keep themselves up to date. Join 600+ developers and subscribe here.

All of my posts on the internet are free to read. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do!

Buy Me a Coffee at

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