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Bummer! Did not run on Galileo, because I required Java facet 1.6, and

that is not available on Galileo. Back to 1.5 for the CXF REST projects.
Needs re-testing on Helios and Indigo.
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1 parent 150559c commit c85a0fd84ccc43ad9255db20904e031abde982d5 Andreas Manessinger committed Jul 6, 2011
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@
public static final IProjectFacetVersion EJB_MINIMUM_FACET_VERSION_WANTED = IJ2EEFacetConstants.EJB_30;
public IProjectFacet javaFacet = JavaFacet.FACET;
- public IProjectFacetVersion javaFacetVersion = JavaFacet.VERSION_1_6; // default if no runtime is selected (e.g. CXF client)
+ public IProjectFacetVersion javaFacetVersion = JavaFacet.VERSION_1_5; // default if no runtime is selected, Galileo has no 1.6
public IProjectFacet ejbFacet = IJ2EEFacetConstants.EJB_FACET;
public IProjectFacetVersion ejbFacetVersion = EJB_MINIMUM_FACET_VERSION_WANTED;

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