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Portfolio site boilerplate built using react.
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Customizable portfolio website using React.js

This project is a personal website/portfolio starter. It includes all of the boilerplate code necessary for setting up React with Webpack, and has a beautiful, responsive design.

This portfolio template includes:

  • An easily customizable header
  • A benchmark for loading page loading time
  • A CSS iPhone for displaying mobile and mobile-responsive applications
  • Logos for commonly used technologies
  • Responsive CSS components for web and mobile
  • Infinite scroll one-page design

###Template Portfolio (Desktop)

See below for some examples of how this template can be customized:

Some technologies utilized here include:

  • React
  • Redux
  • Node/Express
  • Webpack
  • Babel
  • SASS
  • Bootstrap


In the project's directory, run the following commands:

$ npm install
$ npm run dev

This will start webpack-dev-server and enable hot reloading. Then visit:



Run npm run build and Webpack will bundle your scripts and output to /dist/. The app, however, will be looking for its dependecies in /static/. You can rename /dist/ to /static/ and open index.html to view your portfolio. Click here for an example of an easy deployment on Github Pages.

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