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AMANZI: The Multi-Process HPC Simulator

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The objective of the Advanced Simulation Capability for Environmental Management (ASCEM) is to develop a state-of-the-art scientific approach and tool for understanding and predicting contaminant fate and transport in natural and engineered systems. The modular and open source high performance computing tool will facilitate integrated approaches to modeling and site characterization that enable robust and standardized assessments of performance and risk for EM cleanup and closure activities. In addition, the integrated toolset will incorporate capabilities for predicting releases from various waste forms, identifying exposure pathways, performing dose calculations, conducting systematic uncertainty quantification.

Amanzi, the Multi-Process HPC Simulator is a critical component of this approach and tool. Amanzi will be a highly modular and extensible computational engine for simulations of flow and reactive transport. Currently, it is capable of simulating transient saturated and variably saturated (Richards) flows, transport with non-grid-aligned dispersion and a variety of reactions. In the future it will include non-isothermal, multi-phase multi-component, geo-mechanical, and surface water models. To achive this ambitious goal we are building Amanzi as a grass-roots collaboration of an emerging broader community of geoscienists, computational and computer scientists, and applied mathematicians. This broader community is leveraging its extensive experience, existing capabilities, and untapped advances from their areas of expertise to develop Amanzi.


See the INSTALL file in this directory.

COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE (getting write access):

The copyright and license are contained in the top-level file COPYRIGHT. The copyright is held jointly by the DOE laboratories that are contributing code to ASCEM. If you are a developer that would like write permission on the repository you must send an e-mail to David Moulton (, containing the following statement:

I [insert name], am currently employed by [insert lab]. I have read and accept the terms and conditions presented in the COPYRIGHT file of the Amanzi repository. In particular, I understand that

  1. as a developer contributing new code to the Amanzi repository I must have the right to do so, implicitly asserting copyright on behalf of their laboratory on that contribution;

  2. all new code that is contributed will be under the standard three-clause BSD license contained in the copyright file, and so by contributing code I assert that I have the right to chose this BSD license for my contribution;

  3. if an existing package is contributed by a developer, the original copyright must be maintained, and the license must be compatible with the three-clause BSD license.

If I change employers I will either terminate my write (push) permission or submit a new e-mail confirmation with my updated information in advance of the transition to my new job.

Sincerely, [insert name]

If your laboratory is not represented in the COPYRIGHT file, you should verify that the copyright assertion for your laboratory is in process. If it is not in process, then we may need you to file the paperwork at your lab. In this case please contact David Moulton ( for templates of the necessary files.


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