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Stochastic Time Tracking for Space Cadets
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TagTime v0 android
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To determine how you spend your time, TagTime literally randomly samples you. At random times it pops up and asks what you're doing right at that moment. You answer with tags.

See for the whole story.

I've tested this just on OSX so far, so if you're using something else I'd like to test it on your machine.

Installation and Quick Start (OSX)

  1. Download and run the desktop app.
  2. Answer the pings! (Always answer with what it caught you at right at that moment)

The Math

If your tagtime gap is g minutes then the probability of at least one ping in any x minute window is 1-e^(-x/g). The window corresponding to probability p is -g×ln(1-p). For example, with g=45, there's a 10% chance of getting pinged in any window of duration 4 minutes 44 seconds. There's a 50% chance of getting pinged within 31 minutes. There's a 99% chance of a ping within 3.5 hours. The probability of waiting over 10 hours for a ping is one in a million.

Android App

There is an Android app available on Google Play. The source and build instructions are in TagTime v0 android.

Google Group

For discussion and questions: TagTime Google Group.

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