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Integrate the CXXSim simulator #324

8 of 15 tasks
whitequark opened this issue Feb 16, 2020 · 6 comments
8 of 15 tasks

Integrate the CXXSim simulator #324

whitequark opened this issue Feb 16, 2020 · 6 comments


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whitequark commented Feb 16, 2020

A while ago I've implemented the Yosys cxxrtl backend, which is very similar to the current Python simulator conceptually while being significantly (10-100×) faster, competitive with Verilator.

nMigen should tightly integrate with this simulator, providing an interface identical to that of nmigen.sim.pysim.

CXXSim is currently developed in the cxxsim branch. You are encouraged to try it and report results!

Remaining tasks

See also #531 for Yosys-side view of these tasks.

Blockers (to be completed pre-merge)

  • CXXSim currently builds with -DNDEBUG because RTL contract violations (e.g. out of bounds memory reads) must not crash the host Python process. CXXRTL's VCD library currently ignores contract violations in NDEBUG builds, potentially hiding bugs.
  • CXXRTL design is reset (in response to a simulator reset) in an unreliable way because of missing CXXRTL-side API
  • VCD hierarchy does not match PySim's (missing top module)
  • .gtkw files are not written
  • write_vcd(traces=) are ignored
  • Reset values of undriven values are ignored
  • Simulator-only signals are not present in VCD files (cxxsim: simulator-only signals not included in VCD and GTKWave files #556)
  • Resetting CXXRTL design corrupts debug information (cxxsim: random garbage in memory traces #565)
  • CXXRTL-side Memory reads/writes from Python testbenches are not implemented in CXXSim (cxxsim: directly initializing memory #564)
  • Python testbenches trying to wait on CXXRTL values of certain types trigger assertion failures

Non-blockers (may be completed post-merge)

@whitequark whitequark added this to the 0.3 milestone Feb 16, 2020
whitequark added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 27, 2020
Before this commit, each simulation engine (which is only pysim at
the moment, but also cxxsim soon) was a subclass of SimulatorCore,
and every simulation engine module would essentially duplicate
the complete structure of a simulator, with code partially shared.

This was a really bad idea: it was inconvenient to use, with
downstream code having to branch between e.g. PySettle and CxxSettle;
it had no well-defined external interface; it had multiple virtually
identical entry points; and it had no separation between simulation
algorithms and glue code.

This commit completely rearranges simulation code.
  1. sim._base defines internal simulation interfaces. The clarity of
     these internal interfaces is important because simulation
     engines mix and match components to provide a consistent API
     regardless of the chosen engine.
  2. sim.core defines the external simulation interface: the commands
     and the simulator facade. The facade provides a single entry
     point and, when possible, validates or lowers user input.
     It also imports built-in simulation engines by their symbolic
     name, avoiding eager imports of pyvcd or ctypes.
  3. sim.xxxsim (currently, only sim.pysim) defines the simulator
     implementation: time and state management, process scheduling,
     and waveform dumping.

The new simulator structure has none of the downsides of the old one.

See #324.

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@whitequark whitequark pinned this issue Nov 6, 2020
@whitequark whitequark changed the title Integrate cxxrtl simulator Integrate the CXXSim simulator Nov 6, 2020
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CXXSim no longer ignores contract violations, and uses an appropriate method to reset the simulation.

Prepending the top module in CXXSim VCD files will require upstream changes, see new task in #531.

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VCD hierarchy in CXXSim and PySim now matches.

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CXXSim now writes GTKW files.

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Member Author

CXXSim will not support race-free memory read/write operations; see #531 (comment) for details.

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I'm happy to have a look at it on mac when time is right..

@whitequark whitequark removed this from the 0.4 milestone Feb 3, 2023
@whitequark whitequark unpinned this issue Feb 13, 2023
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