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[RFC] add pre-run simulation hook for cli.main #586

github-4o opened this issue Feb 1, 2021 · 2 comments

[RFC] add pre-run simulation hook for cli.main #586

github-4o opened this issue Feb 1, 2021 · 2 comments


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as far as i can tell, current simulation cli-based workflow for a module is the following:

main(m, ...)

which gives control to
which sets up the simulation environment
this (again as far as could see) implies that one needs to have a separate python module that is to be invoked for simulation of
codegen for a is invoked as generate ..., while
sim for is invoked as simulate ...

suggested solution: pre-run simulation hook defined in, invoked by simulate option in cli.main

  • pros: unified cli interface for both simulation and codegenration via the cli arguments
  • cons: module code bloating as a module will have both hdl-relaed code and testbench-related code in a single file. this may be a problem as testbench code tends to be times larger then uut
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For me, the fact that a single files contains all (code + test) was, among other things, a plus when exploring alternatives to VHDL/Verilog. However it is true that I am at a stage where codesize is very modest.

For the little bits of code I could write, coverage and simulation code seems to require setting up a top module. One could imagine to write a Test/Simulation/Whatever Suite that would look like (disclaimer, heavily inspired by JUnit) :

# imports
from ...

class mySuiteOfStuff:

    def shouldVerifyThis(context:VerificationContext): # at least a top module to setup assert/covers etc...
        # update the context

    def shouldVerifyThat(c:VerificationContext): # for more concise writing ; and one can have disjointed sets of verifications
        # update the context
        # of course, a new context is regenerated between each call

    def simulateThisCase(context:SimulationContext): # at least a simulator instance and a Module to setup
        # update the context

    def simulateThatCase(c: SimulationContext): # again, several simulation can be defined
        # update the context

    def setupGlobalVerification(...): # did I say that I am heavily inspired by JUnit ?
        # return something ? or update a provided context ?

    def setupOneVerification(...): # remainder the function name is free, the decorator is there to spot the function of interest
        # return something ? or update a provided context ?

    def tearDownOneVerification(...) : #....

    def tearDownAllVerifications(...) : #...
        # etc...

    # And the same for simulation, but it's so long
    # @{Before|After}{All|Each}Simulation

### Launcher ###
if __name__ == "__main__":
    main(..., suite=mySuiteOfStuff)

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We have a more formal RFC process these days and this proposal would have to go through it to be accepted. In general, CLI improvements are desirable; I have a prototype for a new CLI in #904.

@whitequark whitequark closed this as not planned Won't fix, can't repro, duplicate, stale Feb 9, 2024
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