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ECP PowerSteering: Global Energy Optimization Power Management


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GEOPM - Global Extensible Open Power Manager

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The Global Extensible Open Power Manager (GEOPM) is a framework for exploring power and energy optimizations on heterogeneous platforms.

With GEOPM you can:

  • Interact with hardware settings and sensors using a platform-agnostic interface
  • Restore changes to hardware settings when configuring process terminates
  • Profile applications to study their power and energy behavior
  • Automatically detect MPI and OpenMP phases in an application
  • Optimize MPI applications to improve energy efficiency or reduce the effects of work imbalance, system jitter, and manufacturing variation through built-in control algorithms
  • Develop your own runtime control algorithms through the extensible plugin architecture

Repository Organization

The GEOPM repository supports two software packages: the geopm-service package and the geopm package. The geopm-service package provides a Linux systemd service. The geopm package provides a runtime for distributed HPC applications.

  • A build of the geopm-service package is required to build and run the geopm HPC runtime

  • All geopm-service package features may be used independently of the features provided by the geopm package

  • All run and build requirements of the geopm-service package are provided by commonly used Linux distributions

  • The run and build requirements of the geopm package include several additional HPC specific dependencies

GEOPM Service

The files supporting the geopm-service package are all within the service subdirectory located in the root directory of the the GEOPM repository. Please refer to the service/README.rst file for further documentation about the GEOPM Service. Additionally a comprehensive overview of the GEOPM service is posted here:


The geopm package provides many built-in features. An advanced use case is dynamically coordinating hardware settings across all compute nodes used by an distributed HPC application in response to the application's behavior and resource manager requests. The dynamic coordination is implemented as a hierarchical control system for scalable communication and decentralized control. The hierarchical control system can optimize for various objective functions including maximizing global application performance within a power bound or minimizing energy consumption with marginal degradation of application performance. The root of the control hierarchy tree can communicate with the system resource manager to extend the hierarchy above the individual MPI application and enable the management of system power resources for multiple MPI jobs and multiple users by the system resource manager.

More documentation on the GEOPM HPC Runtime is posted with our web documentation here:

Guide for Contributors

We appreciate all feedback on our project. Please see our contributing guide for how some guidelines on how to participate. This guide is located in the root of the GEOPM repository in a file called CONTRIBUTING.rst. This guide can also be viewed here:

Guide for GEOPM Developers

GEOPM is an open development project and we use Github to plan, review and test our work. The process we follow is documented here:

this web page provides a guide for developers wishing to modify source code anywhere in the GEOPM repository for both the geopm-service and the geopm packages.


GEOPM version 2.0 provides a number of important changes since the previous tagged release v1.1.0. Some of the most significant new features are the GEOPM Service, support for Intel and NVIDIA GPUs, and improved consistency of signal and control names provided by PlatformIO. A wide range of other improvements have also been made, including a higher performance profiling interface to support highly parallel applications, and support for the isst_interface driver.

This software is production quality as of version 1.0. We will be enforcing semantic versioning for all releases following version 1.0. Please refer to the ChangeLog for a high level history of changes in each release. The test coverage report from gcov as reported by gcovr for the latest release are posted to our web page.

Some new features of GEOPM are still under development, and their interfaces may change before they are included in official releases. To enable these features in the GEOPM install location, configure GEOPM with the --enable-beta configure flag. The features currently considered unfinalized are the endpoint interface, and the geopmendpoint application.

The GEOPM developers are very interested in feedback from the community. See the contributing guide to learn how to provide feedback.


The GEOPM source code is distributed under the 3-clause BSD license.


Last Update

2022 August 23

Christopher Cantalupo
Brad Geltz


Development of the GEOPM software package has been partially funded through contract B609815 with Argonne National Laboratory.


ECP PowerSteering: Global Energy Optimization Power Management



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