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Wrapper around OpenCV library using nice-ffi

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An initial attempt at using Ruby FFI (actually, relying heavily on Nice-FFI) to wrap OpenCV.

Currently developing against OpenCV 2.3.x pulled from SVN.

Also requires Eigen 3.0.x. At present I'm developing against the 3.0.2 source tarball available here.

This is admittedly a pet project at the moment, so I'm doing a poor job separating out my immediate needs from the "best practices" structure for the Gem. For example, I recently added a dependency on Eigen mostly as an experiment. In the future I think it would be smart to remove the Eigen dependency and make it a separate gem for those who need the functionality.

At present this is a three level API:

  • opencv-ffi is a "pure" FFI wrapper around the OpenCV C API. That is, for each relevant OpenCV struct there is an FFI struct. For each function (or at least the one's I've gotten to), there's an attach_function with relatively little else. Coding with this API is basically 1-to-1 with coding the OpenCV API in C.

  • opencv-ffi-wrappers is an attempt to create a nicer "more Ruby" API on top of the pure level, in two ways. In some cases, OpenCV structs are extended to make them full Ruby objects with more object-like APIs.
    In other cases new objects are created which wrap around OpenCV objects.

    New objects are often created to hide the typed-ness of OpenCV structs. For example, a CvPoint2D32F is different from a CvPoint2D32U. A Point wrapper, however, could behave more interchangably.

    In many cases, OpenCV function are wrapped with helper functions which handle defaults and type checking incoming data in a more Ruby way.

    For performance reasons, every effort is made to keep data (particularly CvMat, IplImage, etc) in OpenCV structs as much as possible.

  • opencv-ffi-ext is a compiled C extension library which adds new functionality to the Gem, as I need it. In some cases this might be an accelerated backend for a Ruby function. At present, it also includes a copy of Edward Rosten's FAST feature detector, compiled from his code, and the aforementioned OpenCV-to-Eigen translation layer.


Everything is in the CVFFI namespace. OpenCV structures and functions are named as in OpenCV, with function using the cvFunctionName convention, and structure using the CvStruct convention.

Wrappers will generally dispense with the Cv/cv prefix. So a CvPoint is an OpenCV CvPoint structures, while a Point is its wrapper.


See also {file:docs/} for an index of other documentation.

Caveats and Second thoughts

Arguably, the "wrappers" layer could be split into two layers -- one which adds as much functionality as possible while just extending the OpenCV structs, and a second which really breaks out into new high-level objects.



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