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Mixpanel library for QtQuick. Only meaningful file is src/Mixpanel.qml, the rest is infrustructure for imports to work cleverly and tests.

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Projects using this library

  • Wikipedia for Sailfish
  • Add your project here
  • Know of other projects? Drop a note or just make a pull request with the addition to this list :)


Typically you want to add this project as a git submodule (or just copy-paste src folder to your project) and add src project to qml imports via something like view->engine()->addImportPath(SailfishApp::pathTo("components/Mixpanel-qml/src").toString()); (that is for Sailfish project. Full path to QML file in your project is then components/Mixpanel-qml/src/Mixpanel/Mixpanel.qml )

Then in your code you can do the following

import Mixpanel 0.1
Page {  // Or whatever other component you use
  Mixpanel {
   id: mx
   mixpanelToken: "123"  // Nothing works without it, get one at mixpanel.com
function coolEventHappened() {
  mx.track("cool event")
  mx.track("another event with params", {userLevel: "Top level"} )

You may also like adding this path to QML_IMPORT_PATH so that Qt Creator would use autocompletion for Mixpanel as the test project is doing: QML_IMPORT_PATH += $$PWD/../src


  • Add some default token for quick starts, just post warnings if it's used
  • Buffer events so that we won't make a request for every single call (can we timestamp individual ones then BTW?)
  • And sent buffer ASAP if user wants so or on object destruction if possible
  • And save buffered events to local storage in case app exits/crashes before events are sent


BSD (3 clause). Pull requests are welcome.