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Amazon Simple INterface - Simple ItemLookup, Search and Cart for Amazon Product Advertising API
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ASIN is a simple, extensible wrapper for parts of the REST-API of Amazon Product Advertising API (aka Associates Web Service aka Amazon E-Commerce Service).

For more information on the REST calls, have a look at the whole Amazon E-Commerce-API.

Have a look at the RDOC for this project, if you like browsing some docs.

The gem runs smoothly with Rails 3 and is tested against multiple rubies. See .travis.yml for details.


gem install asin
gem install httpclient # optional, see HTTPI
gem install rash # optional, see Response Configuration

or in your Gemfile:

gem 'asin'
gem 'httpclient' # optional, see HTTPI
gem 'rash' # optional, see Response Configuration


Rails style initializer (config/initializers/asin.rb):

ASIN::Configuration.configure do |config|
  config.secret = 'your-secret'
  config.key    = 'your-key'

YAML style configuration:

ASIN::Configuration.configure :yaml => 'config/asin.yml'

Inline style configuration:

ASIN::Configuration.configure :secret => 'your-secret', :key => 'your-key'
# or
client.configure :secret => 'your-secret', :key => 'your-key'

Have a look at ASIN::Configuration class for all the details.

API Changes

With the latest version of the Product Advertising API you need to include your associate_tag.

ASIN::Configuration.configure do |config|
  config.secret        = 'your-secret'
  config.key           = 'your-key'
  config.associate_tag = 'your-tag'


ASIN is designed as a module, so you can include it into any object you like:

# require and include
require 'asin'
include ASIN::Client

# lookup an ASIN
lookup '1430218150'

But you can also use the instance method to get a proxy-object:

# just require
require 'asin'

# create an ASIN client
client = ASIN::Client.instance

# lookup an item with the amazon standard identification number (asin)
items = client.lookup '1430218150'

# have a look at the title of the item
=> Learn Objective-C on the Mac (Learn Series)

# search for any kind of stuff on amazon with keywords
items = search_keywords 'Learn', 'Objective-C'
=> "Learn Objective-C on the Mac (Learn Series)"

# search for any kind of stuff on amazon with custom parameters
search :Keywords => 'Learn Objective-C', :SearchIndex => :Books
=> "Learn Objective-C on the Mac (Learn Series)"

# access the internal data representation (Hashie::Mash)
=> $39.99

There is an additional set of methods to support AWS cart operations:

client = ASIN::Client.instance

# create a cart with an item
cart = client.create_cart({:asin => '1430218150', :quantity => 1})
=> [<#Hashie::Mash ASIN="1430218150" CartItemId="U3G241HVLLB8N6" ... >]

# get an already existing cart from a CartId and HMAC
cart = client.get_cart('176-9182855-2326919', 'KgeVCA0YJTbuN/7Ibakrk/KnHWA=')
=> false

# clear everything from the cart
cart = client.clear_cart(cart)
=> true

# add items to the cart
cart = client.add_items(cart, {:asin => '1430216263', :quantity => 2})
=> false

# update items in the cart
cart = client.update_items(cart, {:cart_item_id => cart.items.first.CartItemId, :action => :SaveForLater}, {:cart_item_id => cart.items.first.CartItemId, :quantity => 7})
=> [<#Hashie::Mash ASIN="1430218150" CartItemId="U3G241HVLLB8N6" ... >]

It's also possible to access browse nodes:

client = ASIN::Client.instance

# create a cart with an item
node = client.browse_node('163357', :ResponseGroup => :TopSellers)
=> '163357'
=> 'Comedy'

Response Configuration

ASIN is customizable in the way it returns Responses from Amazon. By default it will return SimpleItem, SimpleCart or SimpleNode instances, but you can override this behavior for using your custom Classes:

client.configure :item_type => YourItemClass
client.configure :cart_type => YourCartClass
client.configure :node_type => YourNodeClass

You can also use built-in :raw, :mash or :rash types. Since rash is an additional library, you need to add it to your gemfile if you want to use it:

gem 'rash'


ASIN uses HTTPI as a HTTP-Client adapter. See the HTTPI documentation for how to configure different clients or the logger. As a default HTTPI uses httpclient so you should add that dependency to your project:

gem 'httpclient'


“THE BEER-WARE LICENSE” (Revision 42): wrote this file. As long as you retain this notice you can do whatever you want with this stuff. If we meet some day, and you think this stuff is worth it, you can buy me a beer in return Peter Schröder

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