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Basic app for peer to peer chat demo using html5 websocket and event machine
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It is an basic app for PUB/SUB application using EventMachine and Websocket


  1. Install Dependency

    bundle install

  2. Start creating your database

    rake db:create && rake db:migrate

  3. Start Rails server

    rails server

  4. Start Chat Server



Default port where em_chat run is 8080 if you ever happen to change this please do make the necesary changes in public/javascripts/em_chat.js


The app was developed for understanding html5 websocket and event machine.
In the process we came with some hack to fix some known issue like page refresh 


Once the User is logged in the a default web-socket connection is establish 
This connection only need is to notify users 

If the users wish initiate a channel he/she can do this by clicking the list of active users

We started with this application with aim of understand html5 web-socket and we havent tested this on any of our
live project so we are unsure of how much reliable the application would be on heavy load

If you every happen to test this on your live production site . We would love to hear on that


Amar Daxini

Viren Negi

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