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A barebone MVVM Android project with some essential tools configured the right way for 2019 ^_^
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Android Barebone Project

A barebone MVVM architecture based Android project with some essential tools configured the right* way. See Android Architecture Blueprints v2 for more comprehensive app architecture example.

Inspiration: The architecture is inspired by combination of different project by Google and Android Community, such as:

Configured Essentials

There are few essentials that are added to the project. Best way to see what is included is to check the latest dependecies from app/build.gradle

Here are list of dependencies included:

  1. AndroidX
    1. AppCompat
    2. Material Theme
    3. ViewModel
    4. Lifecycle
    5. ConstraintLayout
    6. ViewPager 2
    7. Kotlin Extensions (KTX)
  2. Firebase Crashlytics
  3. Firebase Analytics
  4. Timber - android logging
  5. Dagger 2 - dependency injection for Activity and Fragment
  6. RxJava 2 - ReactiveX Java
  7. Retrofit 2 - REST API
  8. OkHttp - with logging interceptor
  9. Gson - JSON response parsing
  10. Mockito - unit test mocking
  11. Leak Canary 2 (alpha) - automatic memory leak detection
  12. Kt Lint Format - An anti-bikeshedding Kotlin linter with built-in formatter

Optional Library and Integrations

You may need to delete optional features based on your need.

  1. CircleCI integration for CI/CD.

Pre-Requisite (💻 TODO After cloning repo)

  • You must create a Firebase project and use the google-services.json from your project. A placeholder google-services.json is provided so that app compiles.
  • You must update package name and application ID where applicable.
  • Remove feature X, Y, and Y activities and related resources. However, it may be beneficial to keep them as reference point at initial phase of the project.
  • Remove fragment A, B, and C and related files like ViewModel and Layout files. Make sure you study how each activity that hosts Fragment requires a separate 🔪 dagger module.
  • Remove unused libraries that are added in app/build.gradle
  • Also update your application's theme color. See styles.xml


Currently the barebone app has following sample activities:

  • MainActivity - Hosts fragments using ViewPager and navigates using BottomNavigationView.
  • Feature X - showcases how REST call is made using injected service in ViewModel.
  • Feature Y - showcases how RecyclerView can be used in conjunction with DiffUtils.
  • Feature Z - showcases how Fragment can also have injection and use service in ViewModel.

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