API spec for medium.com using OpenAPI Specification (aka Swagger 2.0). Generates PHP, Java, Python, Go, Android, Objective-C and many more client SDK.
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Medium.com API Specification

This is an unofficial API specification translated from official API documentation found at https://github.com/Medium/medium-api-docs using OpenAPI Specification (fka Swagger 2.0).

Why OpenAPI?

OpenAPI specification is an open standard, it provides variety of support for generating both server and client code for different languages and frameworks. See Swagger Tools for more information.

Preview/Test API

Best way to preview or test API is using Swagger UI, Swagger Editor or Postman.

NOTE: You should generate self-issued-access-tokens by following instruction on official-guide to access API endpoints.

Generating Client SDK

The swagger-codegen tool can generate client-sdk for different languages.

Based on code generator service, following languages are supported by the client generator.

"akka-scala", "android", "async-scala", "clojure", "cpprest", "csharp", "CsharpDotNet2", "cwiki", "dart", "dynamic-html", "flash", "go", "groovy", "html", "html2", "java", "javascript", "javascript-closure-angular", "jmeter", "objc", "perl", "php", "python", "qt5cpp", "ruby", "scala", "swagger", "swagger-yaml", "swift", "tizen", "typescript-angular", "typescript-angular2", "typescript-fetch", "typescript-node"

Here are few examples:


  • Swagger UI Swagger UI
  • Swagger Editor (NOTE: Code generation option available here) Swagger Editor
  • Postman Postman