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Documentation moved

The GUN Documentation can be found here:

Latest GUN Documentation

Below you can find the old documentation as a reference.

Old documentation

API Reference

Chaining - reference table for chaining dependencies

You should read the crash course on GUN!


GUN is designed to be as minimal as possible, with any additional functionality being provided via modules. Please refer to the modules page for a list of existing extensions. Please refer to the gun-extensions repo to see what extensions have been requested or to request an extension.


GUN users are encouraged to add their projects to this running projects list.


Snippets provide small examples of using gun and include micro-modules.

Getting Started

Getting Assistance

Usage Questions
Use the gun tag on StackOverflow
Add an issue to our GitHub repo
Say hello on our Gitter channel



Designed with ♥ by Mark Nadal, the gun team, and many very awesome contributors. Liberally licensed under Zlib / MIT / Apache 2.0.


Also see the current Release List and Tag List for quick access to relevant versions.

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All docs were moved to

For the latest docs please go there!

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