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Is remote connection possible? #35

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AJB99 Mark Nadal

Hi there,

I'm new to Node and Mongo and mongous looks like exactly what I'd like to operate on my DB, except I can't figure out how to connect to it.

I'm hosting my DB with MongoHQ, how would I go about connecting to is using Mongous?

I've tried the following but it didn't work:

var $ = require("mongous").Mongous;
$().open("","12345").auth("myUserName","myPassword", function(reply){
    console.log("Connected to MongoHQ!");

Is this possible using Mongous?


Mark Nadal

Hey, sorry it took me so long to reply - I was gone at a hackathon in SF.

You are very close! We definitely need to improve the remote connection code to make it easier (and to support connection URIs, which we currently don't). Here is the code that I have used in the past to connect to mongoHQ...

$("$cmd").open("", 12345);
$("$cmd").auth("myUserName", "myPassword", function(reply){
    console.log("Connected to MongoHQ!");

It is a little ugly, but it should work! Please let me know if this helped.


No worries at all amark, thanks for taking the time to answer. It's not ugly at all. Makes sense now that I see it written out. I'll give this a go. Thanks again for the great software!

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