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amarkal-admin-notification lets you add static/dismissible notifications to the WordPress administration. Dismissible notifications are permanently dismissed and will not show when the page reloads. For an in-depth tutorial, see Adding Static/Dismissible Admin Notifications to WordPress

amarkal-admin-notification -


amarkal-admin-notification lets you easily add notifications to the WordPress administration with different options to choose from. In WordPress 4.2 dismissible notifications became supported. However, a dismissed notification becomes visible again when the user refreshes the page or navigates away. amarkal-admin-notification handles that by storing an option in the database once a notification is dismissed.
amarkal-admin-notification is lightweight and trace free - it will only initiate if there is at least one registered notification, and will only store a database option if a user dismisses a notification. amarkal_reset_admin_notification() will remove the option from the database if there are no more dismissed notifications.


Via Composer

If you are using the command line:

$ composer require askupa-software/amarkal-admin-notification:dev-master

Or simply add the following to your composer.json file:

"require": {
    "askupa-software/amarkal-admin-notification": "dev-master"

And run the command

$ composer install

This will install the package in the directory vendors/askupa-software/amarkal-admin-notification. Now all you need to do is include the composer autoloader.

require_once 'path/to/vendor/autoload.php';


Download the package from github and include bootstrap.php in your project:

require_once 'path/to/amarkal-admin-notification/bootstrap.php';



Register a notification to be printed in the administration.

amarkal_admin_notification( $handle, $html, $type = 'success', $dismissible = false, $class = '', $network = false )

This function is used to register a notification for a given handle. The handle is used as the notification's ID. If the notification is dismissible, the handle is used to permanently dismiss the notification. When a dismissible notification is dismissed, the amarkal_dismissed_notices option is updated with the handle added to it.


  • $handle (String) The notification's ID. Also used to permanently dismiss a dismissible notification. If a given handle has previously been registered, a PHP notice will be triggered.
  • $html (String) The text/HTML content of the notification.
  • $type (String) The notification's type. One of error, warning, info, success.
  • $dismissible (Boolean) Whether to add a "dismiss" button to allow the user to permanently dismiss the notification.
  • $class (String) An additional CSS class to be added to the notification for styling purposes.
  • $network (Boolean) Whether to show this notification in the network administration as well. Uses the network_admin_notices hook internally.


Reset a dismissible notification.

amarkal_reset_admin_notification( $handle )

This function can be used to make a previously dismissed notification visible again. It does that by removing the given $handle from the list of dismissed notifications stored in the option amarkal_dismissed_notices. If the list of dismissed notification is empty, the option will be removed from the database.


  • $handle (String) The handle of the notification to be reset.