Python script to see you what your friends are doing on Codeforces!
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Command line Stalking using Python

Travis mit license requirement Travis

                            ____        ____  _        _ _             
                           |  _ \ _   _/ ___|| |_ __ _| | | _____ _ __ 
                           | |_) | | | \___ \| __/ _` | | |/ / _ \ '__|
                           |  __/| |_| |___) | || (_| | |   <  __/ |   
                           |_|    \__, |____/ \__\__,_|_|_|\_\___|_|   

A very simple python script to check what your friend are doing on coding sites. You can see you friends Last visit, Last question solved, Last contest given. Currently, i am working on the version02 of script. You can download the version01 of this script here!



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Watch a live demo of it working here asciicast


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  • Simple to use : Built with love so it's easy to use. Problem ? see the doc.
  • Infinite options : There are many so i'll list all of them
    • Add any number of usernames.
    • single command will stalk every username.
    • you can stalk any user anonymous.
  • Secure : Belive me it's secure, till you take care of data file (no playing).
  • Text Highlighting is cross platform - Supports Linux, MAC, Windows for the terminal based highlighting.


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Clone it

1.) Clone the repository by using this link :

Run it

2.) Go to your Git directory, open terminal window there and the type these comands :

cd PyStalker && pip install -r requirements.txt

Supported platforms

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OS Support status
Linux Full support
OS X Full support
Windows Full support


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All contributions accepted.


  • Make it password protected.
  • Allow user to delete the records.
  • check the validity of username.
  • Add functionality of adding multiple usernames at a time.
  • Ability to edit the content of a Data file.
  • Add python3 support
  • Encrypt the DATA file using Sqlcipher
  • Add better UI using urwid


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You can report the bugs at the issue tracker


You can tweet me if you can't get it to work. In fact, you should tweet me anyway.


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Built with ♥ by Amar Prakash Pandey(@amarlearning) under MIT License

You can find a copy of the License at