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Kustomize dhall generator plugin
Dhall Shell
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Kustomize dhall generator plugin

This simple project is a generator for Kustomize using dhall, which will allow to use dhall templates everywhere that supports Kustomize.


To install the plugin, you need to copy it into your plugin path. If you clone this repository, you can do:

cp -r plugin/ $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/kustomize/plugin/

If undefined, the default $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is $HOME/.config.

Note: this also assumes you have dhall-to-yaml (from dhall-json) in your $PATH.


To use the plugin, create a yaml template like this

# your_file.yaml
apiVersion: com.alessandromarrella/v0
kind: DhallGenerator
  name: notImportantHere
packageLocation: {YOUR_PACKAGE_LOCATION}

And then you should list your generators in your kustomization.yaml:

# kustomization.yaml
- your_file.yaml

See the example folder for a simple example with nginx.

You can then run

kustomize build --enable_alpha_plugins

Note: it's not possible yet to use it directly with kubectl due to You need to use the kustomize binary.

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