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Dot Files

I have a love affair with my terminal. This is my collection of terminal configuration files that (attempt to) make daily use of the terminal easier, faster, and perhaps even more enjoyable. It’s all about strengthening the bond ;).


Clone the repository, cd into its directory, then run ./


Currently targeting primarily Mac OS X with Homebrew. Running with no known problems on Ubuntu 10.04 Server as well. Likes rbenv & RVM. Designed to not load/set items that are irrelevant on the current platform.


Bash, Zsh, & Vim all support "localrc" files in the home directory which are loaded after all other configuration:

  • Bash: .bashrc_local
  • Zsh: .zshrc_local
  • Bash & Zsh: .sh_common_local
  • Vim: .vimrc_local

The preferred method of achieving this is by placing the files in the localrcs directory, prefixed with your machine's name (as displayed by hostname). When running the install script these will automatically be linked accordingly. This allows machine-specific configuration.

Notable features

There’s a lot more than what is listed here, as there are too many small features to list. Explore the code to find everything.


  • Intelligent shortening of the current working directory in the prompt to prevent the prompt from becoming awkwardly long.
  • Prompt color changes depending on if connection is via SSH or not.


  • Minimalist prompt. Doesn’t display directory if home, doesn’t display username if it’s your own, doesn’t display machine name if local (since hopefully you know what machine you’re on then).
  • c command for quick switching to code projects (in multiple directories), with tab-completion.
  • On OS X Lion, includes a port of Bash’s copying of the current directory when opening a new tab in

Bash & ZSH

  • extract command to uncompress most common formats.
  • play command as a quick shortcut for Emacs games (Tetris, Pong, Snake, etc.).
  • pman command to open a man page in Preview, respectively (Mac only).


Original inspiration from Ryan Bates.

Various parts inspired by or adapted from Brian Racer, Todd Werth, Gary Bernhardt, & Pivotal Labs/Case Commons. Other credits not listed here may be noted in comments.

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