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# English strings go
project_module_scm_extensions: "SCM extensions"
permission_scm_write_access: "Update repository"
label_scm_extensions_upload: "Upload files"
notice_scm_extensions_upload_success: "Uploaded successfully"
error_scm_extensions_upload_failed: "Error. Update canceled"
error_scm_extensions_no_path_head: "Path doesn't exist in current revision of repository"
error_scm_extensions_delete_failed: "Error. Delete canceled"
notice_scm_extensions_delete_success: "Deleted successfully"
notice_scm_extensions_mkdir_success: "Folder/directory created successfully"
error_scm_extensions_mkdir_failed: "Error. Folder/directory not created"
label_scm_extensions_new_folder: "New folder/directory"
label_scm_extensions_delete_folder: "Delete folder/directory"
label_scm_extensions_delete_file: "Delete file"
label_scm_extensions_folder_name: "Name of the new folder/directory"
label_scm_extensions_upload_subject: "%{value}: New files are available"
label_scm_extensions_upload_body: "The following files have been uploaded in the folder/directory "
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