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Colin's dotfiles


This is my collection of dotfiles, as inspired by Zack Holman, Ryan Bates, Eric Haughee, and random posts on the web. This uses the implementation designed by Zach Holman, but is focused on bash. Merging of a fork of his work is likely in the near future, since I'd like to start using zsh and some vim.



To install, you must have rake installed on your machine. You can test for rake with the command rake -V. RVM is highly recommended.

  1. git clone ~/.dotfiles
  2. cd ~/.dotfiles
  3. rake install

Any files ending in ".symlink" will be appropriately linked in the home directory (files beginning with a "." will not be symlinked).


To uninstall this setup:

  1. cd ~/.dotfiles
  2. rake uninstall

All the symlinks created by rake install will be removed and any backups made during the installation will be replaced.

ooh, secrets

The .gitignore file includes a line that ignores anything in a "secrets" directory. I use this to store anything private.


Major thanks to Zach Holman, from whom I borrowed heavily. Eric Haughee also provided me with the intial .bash_profile upgrades that prompted this project and can still be seen in my prompt.

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