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This playbook makes easier the update of aliases lists of pfsense.

This playbook requires that the lists of aliases are defined previously. The update process uses the url retrieve function from a microsite installed in the working directory of pfsense's lighttpd.

When a list from http://localhost/aliases/?name=deny is retrieved by pfsense, the PHP script tries to get the file located in /usr/local/www/aliases.

This lists can only be retrieve from localhost.

Once the files .inc are uploaded, the playbook runs /etc/rc.update_alias_url_data and /etc/rc.update_urltables scripts in order to update the pf lists with the content of the files .inc.


By default pfsense doesn't provide python interperter, that is necessary to run ansible in it. As root in pfsense, run:

pkg_add -r

Then, test ansible connection with:

ansible -m ping -i hosts fwhost

Define url tables

The file vars/aliases.yml has the list of alias and the values in a list format. The variable filename must match with the alias name to update.

How to run

ansible-playbook -i hosts update_firewalls.yml