A front-end (GUI) for mednafen emulator
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-Minimum version of GTK+ is 3.12 now.
-Also some code refactoring.
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Warning: Mednaffe is being rewritten in master branch so some features are unimplemented. Read the TODO.


Mednaffe is a front-end (GUI) for mednafen emulator

Its main features are:

  • It is written in C language.
  • Available for Linux and Windows.
  • The only dependency (on Linux) is GTK+2 (or GTK+3).
  • GPLv3 licensed.

Downloads - Version 0.8.8

  • You can download Mednaffe here.
  • You can see the changelog here.

Note: Mednaffe only works with 1.21.1 or higher versions of mednafen emulator.



Mednaffe on Linux/GTK+2


Mednaffe on Windows 7

More screenshots here.