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An Amatino entity is a economic unit to be described by accounting information. Entities are described by Accounts and Transactions.

Examples of an Entity include a legal company, a consolidated group of companies, a project, or even a person.

Users may be granted fine-grained permissions to read and or write to individual Accounts within an Entity.


.session - Session

The Session used to retrieve or create this Entity.

Example: See Session object

.id - String

A unique Amatino identifier for this Entity

Example: "oB3cjSNKXklkJ4Tb"

.name - String

The friendly name of this Entity

Example: "MegaCorp"

.ownerId - Number

A unique identifier of the Amatino User who owns this Entity

Example: 689323

.permissionsGraph - Object

A description of the permissions granted to Amatino Users with respect to this Entity.

Example: {'9523413': {'56': {'write': False, 'read': True}}, '5235891': {'56': {'write': True, 'read': True}, '725': {'write': False, 'read': True}}}

Note: Expect the permissions graph to be refactored as an expressive object in future, with methods such as .grantsReadTo(user)

.description - String

Friendly description of this Entity

Example: "A company devoted to complete and utter world domination"

.regionId - Number

The integer identification of the Region in which this Entity is physically stored

Example: 4

.active - Boolean

A flag indicating whether this Entity is active, or is deleted

Example: true


static .create()


  1. session: Session
  2. name: String - "My First Entity"
  3. description: String - "Cayman Islands holding company"
  4. storageRegionId: [Optional]Number - 4 or null
  5. callback: (Error, Entity)


const _ = Entity.create(
  "My First Entity",
  "Cayman Islands holding company",
  (error, entity) => {
    console.log( // Logs "My First Entity"

static .retrieve()


  1. session: Session
  2. entityId: String
  3. callback: (Error, Entity)


const _ = Entity.retrieve(
  (error, entity) => {
    console.log( // Logs "oB3cjSNKXklkJ4Tb"


Not implemented


Not implemented

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