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Sessions are the keys to the Amatino kingdom. All requests to the Amatino API, except those requests to create Sessions themselves, must include two HTTP headers: An integer session identifier, and a Hashed Message Authentication Code (HMAC) signed with a Session API Key.

Creating a Session with a POST request is analogous to 'logging in', and deleting a Session with a DELETE request is analogous to 'logging out'. Your application might wish to create multiple Sessions for a User. For example, one per device.

The formula for the Amatino API HMAC signature is SHA512((Unix timestamp in seconds) + (URI path) + (JSON data)), using the Session API key as the hash key. The HMAC should be URL-safe Base64 encoded.


.id - Number

An integer identifier for this Session

Example: 4200100

.apiKey - String

A URL-safe base-64 encoded 256-bit random number generated in a cryptographically secure manner

Example: "EPcmwPnjFQFWrZjYtM3J6GZMrGA0gC-40cUD0NKK_K0A"

.userId - Number

The integer identifier of the User to whom this Session provides credentials

Example: 46892412


static .createWithEmail()


  1. email: String - ""
  2. secret: String - "high entropy passphrase"
  3. callback: (Error, Session)


const _ = Session.createWithEmail(
  "high entropy passphrase",
  (error, session) => {
    console.log(session.userId) // E.g. logs "46892412"

static .createWithUserId()

Not Implemented

.signature() -> String

Returns a string request HMAC suitable for provision in the X-Signature header.


  1. jsonData: Object - {"some": "request data"}
  2. path: String - "/transactions"


const signature = session.signature(
  {"name": "MegaCorp", "description": "A mega corporation", "region_id": 1},
console.log(signature) // E.g. "yxATCPRKAAXHNiPctNQPHEGGVJF"...


Not Implemented

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