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Left in the dark, get back in touch with nature
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Sonic art logbook

I have received more feedback, this was suggesting that I could use lights to indicate the section that is playing. I have now removed the portable speaker that was attached to the frame and will use the AUX input when setting up the piece in various location. My future plans with this project would be to make this piece on a much larger scale, include more sounds and possibly make other installations using conductive paint and awareness of current events.

I have finished the soundscapes and loaded them on to the soundboard using a micro SD card. I have also received feedback on the piece which is as follows. There is a strong meaning behind this piece, The sounds could be more refined to have less low end in the soundscape as it takes up alot of room, the touch element adds a good interactive experience.

to do
act upon the feedback I have received. I am going to edit the soundscapes to make them clearer.

I have re-wired my project to get a more solid connection. I have also decided to use the conductive paint as it is more responsive than the foil that I used previously. I have also discovered that I will not need to paint over the picture as the conductive paint works underneath the paper. I have recorded all the sounds I shall be using and have began to edit them in ableton.

to do
finish editing the soundscapes, load them onto the soundboard and get feedback.

The new Conductive touch board arrived, this is a circuit that can be used in conjuction with arduino software created by a company called Bare Conductive I began to create the interactive photo frame. the original plan was to use conductive paint however while I was putting this together I realised that this isnt needed. I used 6 wires with tin foil on the end which was then stuck to the backboard of a photo frame, I then placed the photo on top of the pieces of foil. when the picture is touched it is detected by the foil which interacts with the touch board and plays a sound. I have used a test photo which I have divided into to sections and written what sounds will play in the final version of this piece.

to do
the next thing I need to do is to collect all the sounds and edit them accordingly to load on to the touchboard.

I have ordered a new soundboard which has capacative touch built in therefore there is no need for gaps in the painting to be bridged. With the new soundboard once any of the paint is touched it will make a sound, there will still be gaps in the paint but this is to differenciate between sounds and not a gap to be bridged to play the sound.

to do
write a final abstract and define the meaning of the piece.

Ran into compliacations with the Adafruit soundboard. The first issue is that the soundboard only works with Windows OS which I do not have easy access to. The original plan was to create a capacative touch circuit and then connect it to the soundboard however there would need to be gaps in the painting that would be bridged by touch to complete the circuit and play the sounds.

to do
Find an alternative to the adafruit board that I was originally going to use.

I decided on what my sonic art piece shall be and wrote the abstract. My final idea is a mix of 3 of my original ideas, these are Thunderstorm, Clouds and Trees. I have used an image from the pictures I took for my clouds project. I took the idea of an interactive installation from my thunderstorm piece. The idea of using trees and a physical picture comes from my tree project.

My sonic art piece will be in the form of an interactive physical picture. The image will be a silhouette of a landscape which includes trees, a train track on a bridge, lights from a lamppost and houses with lights on. The picture was taken at night down by the river therefore there is a reflection of part of the landscape in the water. This reflection makes the silhouette landscape look like the shape of a waveform, I am going to edit this picture on photo shop to make the whole landscape reflect and look like a waveform.

The piece will be made interactive through conductive paint. I shall print off the image and add either card or ply wood to the back for support. The paint will then be applied over the wave form landscape and dark parts of the image. I shall be using an Adafruit Audio FX Mini Soundboard to play sounds through. The soundboard is capable of playing 8 sounds therefore I shall divide the image into different sections, each will play a different sound depending on what the silhouette depicts. From left to right the landscape starts with just trees and then moves onto a train bridge and then houses.

The meaning behind the piece is that humanity is taking away the nature that we have left in the world. The sounds will get louder the further right you press on the picture due to the image looking like a waveform that gets bigger towards the end. The volume also represents how the world was once quiet and peaceful with just fields and trees but humanity has built trains and houses which cause noise pollution.

Keywords- Conductive paint, Soundboard, Interctive image, Nature, Humanity, Landscape, Silhouette, Reflection.

Chose the keywords for each project,I am still having difficulty chosing a project and find a solid meaning.

Lighter- Life expectancy, Smoking, Addiction
Clouds- Outdoors, Sky, Musification, Synaesthesia
Thunderstorm- Installation, Arduino, Max, Natural phenomena
Trees- Visual art, Collage, Nature, Landscape, Visualisation

to do
chose a final idea and start creating the project

Created 4 more possible ideas for my project these are as follows:

Recording lighter
Concept: create a small recording device and attach it to a lighter which will be triggered by the flame being lit. Possibly compile these recordings into one track or have the lighter as the sonic art piece itself
Reason: shows how much time is wasted smoking
Possible issues: Ethical recording in public issues, technical issues e.g getting the recording device to record and finding a way to stop it recording.
Research has shown that smoking reduces life expectancy by seven to eight years. On average, each cigarette shortens your life anywhere from seven to eleven minutes. Exchanging life for 10 minutes of smoking i.e. not doing much

Concept: use the attached images which I have compiled over time and process them through software which takes images/ colours and turns them into sound data.
I will then possibly record outdoor/open spaces and uses these sounds as ‘instrumentation’ for the data that I have received form the images.
Reason: create music/sounds from the ‘invisible’ sounds that constantly surround us outdoors
Possible issues: narrowing down image selection, receiving useful data which can be used to create music.

Concept: This will be an installation piece where I play a video of a thunderstorm. There will be a sensor set up in front of the screen, the distance a person is standing from the sensor will decide on the velocity and volume of the thunder sound.
Extension on idea: use multiple sensors and multiple speakers to create a surround sound experience, use lighting to create a more immersive experience
Reason: create an audio visual piece that stems from the idea of the speed of light and sound
Possible issues: technical issues with sensors, finding a suitable location to house this piece

Concept: The final outcome of this project will be silent. I will take multiple field recordings of trees and their surround areas. I shall then take a picture of the landscape which includes trees. The trees will be removed from the image and replaced by the images of the sound waves from the field recordings.
Extension on idea: re-create the whole landscape image using images of sound waves of recordings of each element in the image
Reason: show how sound can be can be seen and exist within landscapes.
Possible issues: uncertainty of how the sound waves are going to look and if there is even a possibility of recreating the image with sound waves.

I discovered that the idea for my current project is going to be more technical than I first thought due to not being able to translate the noises birds are making. I was also finding it difficult to find a meaning behind the project.

to do
Come up with multiple ideas for project and try to narrow it down to one.

looked into using nature as part of my project, specifically using bird sounds. My idea is to record the sound of birds in their natural habitat and then to play back the recording at a later date to see how they will respond to the sound of their own voice.

to do
research the technicalities of my current project idea to see how viable it is.

I have started to look into what sonic art is and projects that have been created in the past. I am also starting to think of themes for the meaning behind my project. I am thinking of doing something to do with nature and soundscapes.

to do
research more sonic art pieces and begin to think about what kind of art piece I am going to create.

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