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Heaven's Door

A tiny Rails engine that generates capybara test scenario by recording browser operation in development env.


Add this line to your Rails application's Gemfile (in most cases, for development group only):

gem 'heavens_door', group: :development



Start Recording

Visit your development app with your browser, then click the ⏺ button on the top right.

Generate Scenarios

Just manipulate the browser, like fill-in the forms and submit, or click the links. Your operations will be recorded on the browser.

Copy to Clipboard

You can export the operations as a Capybara test scenario script by clicking the 📋 button.

Stop Recording

To stop recording and clear the whole recorded scenario, click the ⏹ button.


  • Rails
  • Modern browsers


Pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


  • Insert assertions from the browser

  • Some kinds of input (like time_field, datetime_field) might not be working properly

  • Hotkeys to hide/show the panel

  • Better UI

  • Cleaner JS code

  • Tests (do we really need tests for this? Well, maybe...)

  • etcetcetc.


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.