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Duplicates in results due to Removing DISTINCT from query #104

beatlevic opened this Issue · 9 comments

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Kaminari removes the DISTINCT from my query (select("DISTINCT table.*")) and then does a SELECT DISTINCT TOP over the query.

Because I'm joining with other tables the distinct is required in the sub-query for the correct result, and without it results in duplicates.

Could this issue be resolved?



Thanks for reporting this issue!
This problem was fixed in this commit 69a5935 which will be included in the next release (0.12.4).

@amatsuda amatsuda closed this
@beatlevic beatlevic reopened this

Unfortunately this fix doesn't fix my DISTINCT problem. I'm still missing my DISTINCT in the sub-query (DISTINCT blocks.*):

SELECT DISTINCT TOP (7) [__rnt].* FROM ( SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY blocks.title ASC) AS [__rn], blocks.* FROM [blocks]

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@beatlevic beatlevic reopened this

Any updates or questions on this front?



I'm sorry but I haven't met that case.
Can you please provide a failing test case or example app?
And, I guess you're using SQLServer, but does the same error happen on other RDBMSs like Postgres, MySQL or SQLite3?


For example 'Book' has many 'Chapters'. Inner join on Chapters, and return all books where Chapter.title LIKE "today". I then need a distinct on the result set (as more than one chapter per book could satisfy the LIKE criteria).

We indeed use SQLServer :( which indeed could be the source of our problem. I just wanted to run this by you, to see if you know if this occurs with other DBs as well.


If this is not the case with other DBs, do you have any suggestions?


The problem is that ActiveRecord ignores the DISTINCT query when there is more than 1 column name specified. See ActiveRecord::Calculations.select_for_count. The trick is to add a GROUP BY statement containing the DISTINCT column names. See


Closing this until someone can provide a failing test or reproducible app

@zzak zzak closed this

I got same issue, I beleive.
Here example app.

In default index action we have all pages in paginator
In filtered action we still have all pages, but when click on 6+ we got empty page.

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