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undefined method `render_partial_with_logging' for class `#<Class:0x617ead84>' org/jruby/ `alias_method' #214

atambo opened this Issue · 15 comments

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I'm getting:

undefined method `render_partial_with_logging' for class `#<Class:0x617ead84>'  org/jruby/ `alias_method'

The backtrace:

Running jruby 1.6.7 with rails 3.2.2 and kaminari 0.13.0


The #to_s method on Paginator aliases a method and then undefs the method it aliased which is not threadsafe. I am hitting the above exception when running kaminari in a threaded environment (jruby on rails application with config.threadsafe! uncommented in environment/production.rb). So one pagination request can come in and undef the render_partial_with_logging method while another request is about to alias the render_partial_with_logging method and then explode with the exception in the gist above.


I keep getting this exception as well. Running jruby 1.6.7 with Rails 3.0.9 in multi threaded mode.


@jhund, I ended up switching to as that is threadsafe and has basically the same api.


Thanks @atambo, will give that a try.


Is this still an issue? Thinking about using it in rails 3.2 + jruby 1.6.7


Yes this is still an issue. I suggest using in a multi-threaded environment.


Hmm. To bad. Any thought about this patch ?

see #164


same problem here. rails 3.2.8 + jruby 1.6.8 + multithread. related #164


Is there any problem to leave the render_partial_with_logging method on the subscriber, making it no more temporary?

Something like this:

      def to_s #:nodoc:
        subscriber = ActionView::LogSubscriber.log_subscribers.detect {|ls| ls.is_a? ActionView::LogSubscriber}
        return super @window_options.merge(@options).merge :paginator => self unless subscriber

        # dirty hack to suppress logging render_partial
        class << subscriber
          alias_method :render_partial_with_logging, :render_partial unless defined?(:render_partial_with_logging)
          # do nothing
          def render_partial(event); end

        ret = super @window_options.merge(@options).merge :paginator => self

        class << subscriber
          alias_method :render_partial, :render_partial_with_logging

It stills not being thread safe, and may miss something, but it will not cause any crash.


I believe this issue solved by #374. Thanks!

@yuki24 yuki24 closed this

I'm still having this issue using Rails 3.2.15 and jRuby 1.7.6.

Undefined method render_partial_with_logging for class '#<Class:0x76d7f01>' 
kaminari (0.14.1) lib/kaminari/helpers/paginator.rb:90:in `to_s' 

@fjyaniez can you check this on 0.15.0?


@gregoriokusowski I'll upgrade and try. Any method to force the error to appear?


Since the error happens when running a multi-threaded environment, it's kinda hard to force it.
You can use a tool like Apache Benchmark/etc to make a lot of parallel requests, but we can't assure that it will happen.


Ok I'll just update, do some tests and post here if the error happens again. Thanks!

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