Wrong links when there is a form with errors #231

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Imagine a forum thread with some pages. At the very bottom you have a textarea where you can give your answer.

In order to post the answer, we need a form for the textarea that points to a "create" action (with its own URL). If the textarea was blank, the thread page is rendered with the textarea showing the error, and the pagination will also be shown but with wrong links, as they will be pointing to the "create" action.

This can be avoided by specifying the controller and action in the view helper, so, no problem.

But another related problem is that the form parameters (textarea, authenticity_token, submit button, etc...) are appended in the URL as a query string. And this cannot be avoided.

Of course the pagination is outside the form tags:

<%= paginate(@items) %>

<form ............>

I hope I'm explaining it well.


Thank you for your report! But I think this is the same issue as #131 so I'm closing this issue.

@yuki24 yuki24 closed this Jun 18, 2013
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