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Can we access ActionView context within paginator.render? #239

damien-roche opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I was trying to do something like this:

= paginator.render do
    = link_to "example", example_path

Is there a way to access ActionView helpers from within render?


Actually, a better method would be to use partials similar to what the generator creates:

= paginator.render do
/# kaminari/_per_page
= link_to etc..

But I'm unsure as to how to use these tags? I tried to use 'render' but that didn't work inside paginator.render block.

Appreciate any insight.


@damien-roche That is how the current parials work, can you explain more what you're trying to do?


@damien-roche Thank you for reporting! And you are right, you can't use helper methods in render block. This is not what we expect, and we should be able to use helper methods within the block.

@yuki24 yuki24 closed this in defc7ba
@yuki24 yuki24 referenced this issue from a commit in yuki24/kaminari
@yuki24 yuki24 Paginator should delegate view helper methods to template
fixes #239
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