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RoutingError when ajax paginate is called from a page whose route is namespaced #247

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My project has a notifications menu at the top of the page, and it is present everywhere on the site.

In application_controller.rb I have

@menu_notifications = current_user.notification_relationships.order('seen, created_at DESC').page(params[:menu_notifications_page]).per(10)

and in the view (haml) I have

= paginate @menu_notifications, :param_name => :menu_notifications_page, :params => {:controller => '/pages', :action => 'menu_notifications_page'}, :remote => true

in my routes i have

match 'pages/menu_notifications_page', :to => 'pages#menu_notifications_page'

This works flawlessly from most pages on the site. The only place it breaks is on a page with a namespaced route, which is my devise users/edit route. In my case the route is /users/edit.current_user_name. On this page, I get:

ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches {:action=>"menu_notifications_page", :controller=>"users/pages", :format=>"current_user_name", :menu_notifications_page=>2}):

Somehow, Kaminari sets the controller to "users/pages", even though I clearly specified the controller to be "/pages" in the :params for paginate. If I had set the controller to "pages" this behavior might be understandable, but the leading slash should have caused the controller to have no nesting (this behavior works with url_for). It's behaving as if Kaminari strips the leading slash from the string.

A hack to get this working in the meantime was to add this to my routes:

  match :controller => "users/pages", :action => "menu_notifications_page", :to => 'pages#menu_notifications_page'

It turns out that this is because of Rails' url_for. Try the following on rails console:

params = {:controller => '/pages', :action => 'menu_notifications_page'}
params[:controller] # => "/pages"


params[:controller] # => "pages"

There needs to be some workaround on kaminari-side until Rails 3.2.10 and Rails 4.0 are released.


Rails 3.2.10 only contains a security fix so it doesn't solve this issue. The root cause of this is this line.


FYi, this issue doesn't appear on Rails edge, 4.0.0, 3.2.18 but does appear on 3.1.12 and 3.0.20.

@yuki24 yuki24 was assigned

I'm closing this issue. Please use Rails 4.0.0, 3.2.13 or above to avoid this issue.

@yuki24 yuki24 closed this
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