@yuki24 yuki24 released this Jan 20, 2015 · 318 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed a bug where cloned Relations remember previous relations' @total_count value [#565, @inkstak]
  • Fixed a bug where paginate_array() with total_count option returns whole array for every page [#516, @abhichvn]
  • Fixed a bug where :num_pages option was backwards-incompatible [#605, @klebershimabuku]
  • Fixed a bug where themed views generator attempts to overwrite README.md [#623, @swrobel]
  • Fixed a bug where ruby raises a NameError when theme was not found [#622, @maxprokopiev]
  • Fixed a bug where paginates_per does not work with subclasses on mongoid [#634, @kouyaf77]
  • Show an error message if a proper template was not found for the generator theme [#600, meltedice]



@yuki24 yuki24 released this Jun 11, 2014 · 318 commits to master since this release

  • Fix a bug where :theme option for #paginate method doesn't work properly #566 [@commstratdev]



@yuki24 yuki24 released this Jun 8, 2014 · 318 commits to master since this release

  • Add support for mongoid max_scan option #500 [@aptx4869]
  • Add link_to_previous_page helper for Sinatra #504 [@ikeay]
  • Add :views_prefix option to #paginate for alternative views directory #552 [@apotonick]
  • Simplify page_entries_info by adding entry_name interface to each ORM
  • Refer ActiveRecord::Base from top level namespace for more safety when inherited class's namespace has 'ActiveRecord' constant #522 [@yuroyoro]
  • Fix a bug where runtime persistence not taken into account with mongoid/kaminari #326 [@nubeod]
  • Fix a bug where helper methods were not available from inside paginator.render do ... end block #239 [@damien-roche]
  • Fix a bug where theme generator didn't work on Rails 4.1 #526 [@jimryan]
  • Fix a bug that paginatable arrays with total_count option always returns whole array #516 [@abhichvn]



@yuki24 yuki24 released this Jan 15, 2014 · 354 commits to master since this release

  • page_method_name option was not working in 0.15.0 #481 [mauriciopasquier]
  • Use the mongoid criteria #length method to cache the count of the collection per criteria #484 [camallen]
  • Don't inherit host, port, and protocol from the given params



@yuki24 yuki24 released this Nov 22, 2013 · 396 commits to master since this release

  • Allow count, total count to pass parameters to super #193 [bsimpson]
  • Add max_pages and max_pages_per methods to limit displayed pages per model or globally #301 [zpieslak]
  • Add support for Sinatra views overrides (add app views paths) #332 [j15e]
  • Fix wrong pagination when used with padding #359 [vladimir-vg, negipo]
  • check for Hash in addition to OrderedHash, which seems to break in Rails 4, for total_count #369 [aew]
  • Make to_s in paginator threadsafe #374 [bf4]
  • Fix Missing partial Error when 'paginate' called from different format template #381 [joker1007]
  • Add PageScopeMethods#next_page, prev_page, and out_of_range? [yuki24]
  • Use html_safe in view partials instead of raw fixed #73 [zzak]
  • Fix a bug that PaginatableArray#total_pages returns the wrong value #416 [yuki24]
  • Make num_pages to return the same value as total_pages for backward compat [yuki24, eitoball]
  • Change #page_entries_info to use model name #340, #348 [znz, eitoball]
  • Change scope to class method #433 [kolodovskyy]
  • Fix arity problem with Rails 4.1.0 #449 [bricker]



@yuki24 yuki24 released this Sep 11, 2012 · 553 commits to master since this release

  • Changed the default "truncation" String from "..." to … #264 [pjaspers]
  • The theme generator is Github API v3 compatible now! #279 [eitoball]
  • Made Kaminari.config.default_per_page changeable again #280 [yuki24]



@yuki24 yuki24 released this Sep 2, 2012 · 564 commits to master since this release

  • Grape framework support! #218 [mrplum]
  • Mongoid 3 ready! #238 [shingara]
  • Added link_to_previous_page helper #191 [timgremore]
  • Added helper to generate rel="next" and rel="prev" link tags for SEO #200 [joe1chen]
  • Added max_per_page configuration option #274 [keiko0713]
    This would be useful for the case when you are using user input per_page
    value but want to impose the upper bound.

  • Added I18n to page_entries_info #207 [plribeiro3000]

  • Changed method name num_pages to total_pages
    num_pages is still available as an alias of total_pages, but will be deprecated or removed in some future version.

  • Changed the way page_entries_info behave so it can show appropriate names for models with namespace #207 [plribeiro3000]

  • Added html_safe to page_entries_info helper #190 [lucapette]
  • Fixed displayed number of items on each page w/ Mongoid 2.4.x and MongoMapper #194 [dblock]
  • Removed a unused local variable from templates from default tamplate #245 [juno]
  • Fixed page_entry_info to use the value of entry_name option when given collection is empty or a PaginatableArray #265, #277 [eitoball]
  • Added require 'dm-aggregates' in DataMapper hook #259 [shingara]



@yuki24 yuki24 released this Dec 22, 2011 · 661 commits to master since this release

  • Rails 3.2 ready! #180 [slbug]
  • DataMapper support! #149 [NoICE, Ragmaanir]
  • Sinatra & Padrino support! #179 [udzura, mlightner, aereal]
  • Added mongoid embedded documents support! #155 [yuki24]
  • Added each_relevant_page that only visits pages in the inner or outer windows #154 [cbeer]
    Performance improved, particularly with very large number of pages.

  • Memoize count for AR when calling total_count #138 [sarmiena]
    Increases performance for large datasets.

  • Added page_entries_info view helper #140 [jeffreyiacono]

    <%= page_entries_info @posts %>
    #=> Displaying posts 6 - 10 of 26 in total
  • Added link_to_next_page helper method that simply links to the next page

    <%= link_to_next_page @posts, 'More' %>
    #=> <a href="/posts?page=7" rel="next">More</a>
  • Let one override the rel attribute for 'link_to_next_page` helper #177 [webmat]

  • Added total_count param for PaginatableArray. Useful for when working with RSolr #141 [samdalton]

  • Changed Kaminari.paginate_array API to take a Hash options
    And specifying :limit & :offset immediately builds a pagination ready object

    # the following two are equivalent. Use whichever you like
    Kaminari.paginate_array((1..100).to_a, limit: 10, offset: 10)
  • Added padding method to skip an arbitrary record count #60 [aaronjensen]

    User.page(2).per(10).padding(3)  # this will return users 14..23
  • Made the pagination method name (defaulted to page) configurable #57, #162

    # you can use the config file and its generator for this
    Kaminari.config.page_method_name = :paging
  • Only add extensions to direct descendents of ActiveRecord::Base #108 [seejohnrun]

  • AR models that were subclassed before Kaminari::ActiveRecordExtension is included pick up the extensions #119 [pivotal-casebook]

  • Avoid overwriting AR::Base inherited method #165 [briandmcnabb]

  • Stopped depending on Rails gem #159 [alsemyonov]
  • introduced Travis CI #181 [hsbt]