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@arthurbryant arthurbryant Updated Internationalization and Locales (markdown) Mar 12, 2016 49f9fc9
@johnknapp johnknapp Removing braces - meant to add default_scope block requirement to rails 4 Jan 26, 2016 cd127c5
@johnknapp johnknapp A block is now required for default_scope Jan 26, 2016 8842f7f
@rafaelpetry rafaelpetry Added Spanish translations Jan 12, 2016 8eca773
@fenec fenec Updated How To: Create Infinite Scrolling with jQuery (markdown) Jun 14, 2015 99dbc70
@thiagogsr thiagogsr Fix some works in pt-BR Apr 25, 2015 6321cf1
@cuihq cuihq The Simplified Chinese Locale Feb 23, 2015 c63f6ff
@zmillman zmillman Add note on jquery-infinite-pages (see issue #541) Feb 13, 2015 8f5738e
@st0012 st0012 Updated Internationalization and Locales (markdown) Feb 6, 2015 eb65f95
@st0012 st0012 Updated Internationalization and Locales (markdown) Feb 6, 2015 e6dcb65
@mmsommer mmsommer Added Dutch locales Jul 11, 2014 9101f75
@joyvuu-dave joyvuu-dave corrects example (it's already correct in the endless-kaminari-demo repo) Jun 3, 2014 de980a7
@delphaber delphaber fix infinitescroll.js github raw url May 30, 2014 5bf5b0b
@sunny sunny Updated Home (markdown) Apr 16, 2014 c6ee5c9
@sunny sunny Add link to wiki subpage "Create Infinite Scrolling with jQuery" Apr 16, 2014 9bafaea
@jonathanccalixto jonathanccalixto Updated Internationalization and Locales (markdown) Feb 17, 2014 980529f
@leemour leemour Updated Internationalization and Locales (markdown) Oct 28, 2013 40aafb1
@leemour leemour Updated Internationalization and Locales (markdown) Oct 28, 2013 1ccf7bc
Valentin Ballestrino Change `helpers.page_entries_info.more_pages.display_entries` to avoid additional spaces and make the `à` letter not be in bold Sep 30, 2013 5f39329
Valentin Ballestrino Change `en-GB` root node inherited from copy-paste to `fr` Sep 30, 2013 5a2324d
Valentin Ballestrino Add french locale Sep 30, 2013 fcf967d
@mcoms mcoms Linked to the new locales page. Jul 22, 2013 a430ce1
@mcoms mcoms Added user-contributed locales. Jul 22, 2013 60a8a89
@zzak zzak Rewrite Infinite Scrolling tutorial. Fixes #31 Jul 11, 2013 609c9b9
@zzak zzak remove double heading Jul 11, 2013 4c84711
@TylerRick TylerRick Must pass in total_count or the constructor will slice the array instead of leaving it alone Jun 25, 2013 8643c86
@TylerRick TylerRick Add to_paginatable_array Jun 25, 2013 400c35e
@kumamidori kumamidori update jquery.sausage.js URL May 26, 2013 7eb1c88
@semenyukdmitriy semenyukdmitriy Added Rails 4 note (for `AR::Base#all`) May 20, 2013 3957acb
@lvxn0va lvxn0va Updated FAQ (markdown) Jan 16, 2013 dbe4e27
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