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Commits on Mar 31, 2012
  1. Removed jquery sources.

    amatus committed Mar 31, 2012
Commits on Oct 23, 2011
Commits on Oct 5, 2011
  1. Fixed crypto tests.

    amatus committed Oct 5, 2011
    Turns out there was more java.lang.BigInteger/clojure.lang.BigInt confusion
    left over from the port to clojure 1.3. I'm not sure how this was missed.
    I also found that my current java VM doesn't like
    (SecretKeyFactory/getInstance "AES"), however this was completely unnecessary
    because SecretKeySpec impliments Key and works everywhere I have an aes-key.
    I also found that Cipher.init will fail on a 256-bit AES key if it doesn't
    have "unlimited strength".
Commits on Sep 30, 2011
  1. Updated transport pong message to new format. Fixed a TODO.

    amatus committed Sep 30, 2011
    The peer-id field was removed from the transport pong message.
  2. Got tcp working again.

    amatus committed Sep 30, 2011
  3. Fix typo in comment.

    amatus committed Sep 30, 2011
Commits on Sep 28, 2011
Commits on Sep 16, 2011
Commits on Aug 25, 2011
  1. Make topology actually do something.

    amatus committed Aug 25, 2011
    Unable to test because of trouble reading a hostlist.
Commits on Aug 24, 2011
Commits on Aug 17, 2011
  1. Some work on the new transport protocol.

    amatus committed Aug 17, 2011
    Merged hello.clj and transport.clj.
    Split topology code from transport.clj into topology.clj.
    Many small changes of minor significance.
Commits on Aug 13, 2011
  1. New repl script to aid debugging.

    amatus committed Aug 13, 2011
  2. Re-wrote TCP transport.

    amatus committed Aug 13, 2011
    I'm pretty sure my use of the word "continuation" is inaccurate
    so I've renamed some things "callback".
  3. The UDP transport is no longer compatible with the latest gnunet.

    amatus committed Aug 13, 2011
    I'm deleting it now and will re-write it later.
Commits on Jun 16, 2011
  1. Catch CancelledKeyException.

    amatus committed Jun 16, 2011
  2. Adding www files.

    amatus committed Jun 16, 2011
Commits on Jun 15, 2011
  1. More 1.3.0 bigint fixes.

    amatus committed Jun 15, 2011
Commits on May 5, 2011
  1. Detect invalid PKCS#8 keys.

    amatus committed May 5, 2011
    Worked on watchPeers.
    A fix for Safari.
    plugin.jar seems to have moved.
Commits on Feb 11, 2011
Commits on Feb 2, 2011
  1. Created gen-class :set-context-classloader.

    amatus committed Feb 2, 2011
    Fixed ProtectionDomain on compiled classes.
    The applet repl is now in the applet's namespace.
    Created *applet* so the repl can refer to the applet.
    Renamed in to write, IE8 didn't like "in".
  2. GNUnet applet created.

    amatus committed Jan 30, 2011
    The clojure-1.2.0.jar contains a hack to fix the
Commits on Jan 28, 2011
  1. Fixed send-pong-using, pongs sent using connected address.

    amatus committed Jan 28, 2011
    Fixed bug with incoming TCP connections and the sessions map.
Commits on Dec 5, 2010
  1. TCP seems to be working now!

    amatus committed Dec 5, 2010
Commits on Dec 3, 2010
  1. Much work on the TCP transport.

    amatus committed Dec 3, 2010
    Successfully negotiates outgoing connections, incoming should work also.
Commits on Nov 23, 2010
Commits on Nov 22, 2010
Commits on Nov 21, 2010
Commits on Nov 10, 2010
Commits on Nov 8, 2010
Commits on Nov 7, 2010
  1. Added ThreadPoolExecutors to keep track of CPU and IO load.

    amatus committed Nov 7, 2010
    Network load should correspond to the selector-continuations-queue.
    Removed some overzalous use of the exception-m monad.