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Clojure-contrib has moved!

To take advantage of the modularity allowed by git, and by tools such as maven and leiningen, Clojure-contrib has been factored into separate git projects and maven artifacts.

This repository is kept online for historical reasons. For new development on Clojure-contrib, you should check out the following resources:

If your favorite contrib isn't in a module yet, you can help.


The user contributions library, clojure-contrib, is a collection of namespaces implementing features that may be useful to a large part of the Clojure community.

Clojure-contrib is open source under the Eclipse Public License and is copyrighted by Rich Hickey and the various contributors.

Clojure-contrib Versions

Versions of clojure-contrib are matched to versions of Clojure.

Building "Old" Clojure-contrib

If you downloaded a release distribution or pre-compiled JAR, you do NOT need to build anything.

If you downloaded the sources from Github, you will need Apache Maven (2.0 or higher) to run the build. See http://maven.apache.org/

AFTER version 1.2.0, clojure-contrib is divided into many small modules.

To build all the modules, run the following command in this directory:

mvn install

This will compile and test all modules and store them in your local Maven repository cache (usually $HOME/.m2/repository).

There is also an "uberjar" containing all compiled modules at ./modules/complete/target/complete-$VERSION-bin.jar

Additional build commands are available:

mvn clojure:repl
To start a Clojure REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop)

mvn compile
To compile sources without building a JAR

mvn test
To run unit tests

mvn assembly:assembly
To build ZIP/tar distributions containing source and JARs

To skip the testing phase when building, add "-Dmaven.test.skip=true" to the mvn command line.

Building Against Specific Released Clojure Versions

You can specify -Dclojure.version=VERSION on the command line to select a different Clojure version.

Building Against a Custom Clojure JAR

To build against a customized Clojure JAR, you can specify -Dclojure.jar=/absolute/path/to/clojure.jar on the command line.

Clojure-contrib Committers

The following people are committers to the official clojure-contrib repositiory:

Tom Faulhaber Stephen Gilardi Christophe Grand Rich Hickey Konrad Hinsen Stuart Holloway Chris Houser David Miller Stuart Sierra Frantisek Sodomka