See your city's air pollution measured in daily cigarettes. iOS/Android.
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Shoot! I Smoke

Know how many cigarettes you smoke based on the pollution of your location.

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Try it on Expo

This app is bootstrapped with Expo, you can download the Expo app on the App Store or Play Store, and enter the url provided below. We have 2 release channels:

Release Channel Description Url
Production Same version as Sh**t! I Smoke on the App Store and Play Store.
Staging Latest version currently in development: newest features, may contain bugs.


If you find a bug, or if you have an idea of a cool feature, please file an issue here. We really appreciate feedback and inputs.

If you would like to help coding please read the Getting Started guide.

Getting Started

Before developing the app, you need to fetch your own API tokens for the following services:

Service Url Comments
World Air Quality Index Required.
Google Geocoding Optional, but recommended for showing precise location.
Algolia Places (Get Started button on the bottom) Optional, lower API rates if not provided.
Google Maps for iOS Optional in development.
Google Maps for Android Optional in development.

Then run the following commands:

git clone
cd shoot-i-smoke
yarn install

cp app.example.json app.json # Replace the API keys placeholders with your own tokens in app.json

yarn start

This app is created with Expo, using React Native. When you run yarn start, the packager will show, and you can either:

  • install the Expo app, scan the displayed QR code, and run the app on your mobile phone directly.
  • press a to open the Android simulator.
  • press i to open the iOS simulator.

All the code lives in the App/ folder. The app itself is pretty small, so it should be fairly easy to navigate through the files.


GPL-3.0. See LICENSE file for more information.


Created with ❤ by Marcelo & Amaury.