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Amazam is a product recognition app uses CloudSight image recognition and Amazon Product Advertising APIs.

How our app works

Amazam flow

  1. Take a picture or select existing picture.
  2. Use keywords to filter data to Amazon if need.
  3. View on Amazon and buy it!



  • node
  • yarn
  • Google account to use Firebase
  • Android Studio
  • Genymotion

1. Installing

To install app from git repository, go your terminal and follow steps below:

git clone

yarn install

2. Run debug app

  1. In Android Studio, open folder of cloned project and build project.
  2. In Genymotion app, create/select virtual device to use.
  3. In terminal, type:
yarn reactn
  1. In VS code, download the React-Native Tools and enable the debugger

    • Press play on the debugger to start the server.
  2. In Genymotion, the app should deploy.

3. Launch production app

To deploy production app, follow 1. Installing and then in terminal, type:

yarn reactn-release

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