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vagrant-centos-nginx_sinatra is setup sample of vagrant and chef-solo.

When Vagrant up, chef-solo will setup following

  • launch VM CentOS
  • reverse proxy by nginx
  • setup rbenv
  • HelloWorld by Sinatra


# install vagrant
$ gem install vagrant
# setup VM
$ vagrant box add centos

# setup vagrant-centos-nginx_sinatra
$ git clone
$ cd vagrant-centos-nginx_sinatra
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

# launch VM
$ vagrant up

Access to in your browser When VM has launched.

You can see "Hello! Sinatra is Works!"


"appuser" has created with installation.

$ vagrant ssh
$ su - appuser

And app is here.

$ ls ~/bin
bundle  Gemfile  Gemfile.lock  myapp.rb

If you want deploy your own app

It would be nice if you install

install command is

$ cd vagrant-centos-nginx_sinatra
$ git submodule add chef-repo/cookbooks/application
$ git submodule add chef-repo/cookbooks/application_nginx

And setup with referring to the readme…


Use as git submodule

Used by git clone