CakeRobot - An Arduino + Kinect Gesture Controlled Robot
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CakeRobot is an Arduino + Kinect Gesture Controlled Robot


Watch This Video:


Here is the list of components you need to build CakeRobot.

  • A Chassis – I used Dagu Magician Chassis – From Spark Fun, Rhydolabz – it comes with two stepper motors that can be controlled by our driver board.
  • A Arduino board with Motor Driver – I used Dagu Mini Motor Driver – bought from Rhydolabz in India. For other countries you need to search and find. Some description about the board can be found here – It also has a special slot to plug in dagu blue tooth shield. You could also use Micro Magician
  • You also need a Micro USB cable to connect your PC to the motor driver to upload code.
  • A Bluetooth Shield – Get the Dagu blue tooth module if you can find it. I’ve purchased a Class 2 Rn 42 blue tooth shield From Rhydolabz
  • Few mini modular bread boards
  • Jumper wires – Get a mixed pack with M/M, F/F, M/F – like this one
  • A Tiny blue tooth dongle for your PC/Laptop, like this one, to communicate with the blue tooth shield in the robot (if you don’t have built in blue tooth)
  • Few sensors if you want to have more fun – I had an ultra sonic distance sensor to avoid collisions in my final version. A better alternative is Ping sensor.
  • A battery pack and battery holder that should supply around 6V to the Mini Motor Driver
  • Other components for your later creativity/exploration LEDs Resistors More Sensors
  • Tools
  • Few star screw drivers
  • Duct tapes/rubber bands (yea, we are prototyping so no soldering as of now)


Here is a write up about components, assembling, and source code.