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Happy new Year from the Lagoon Team!
First we really would like to say sorry for the not existing change-logs of the last releases, unfortunately they fell a bit through the cracks of life.
But here is to the new year: We pledge that every release in 2019 and every year after will have a change-log!


  • Update default Solr Image Configs to run with solr.lock.type:none, this fixes issues where the Solr didn't fully bootstrap after the container was stopped non-gracefully. (#552)
    Move the Solr Data dir from /opt/solr/server/solr/mycores/${corename}/data to /var/solr/${corename} while keeping the solr config still at /opt/solr/server/solr/mycores/${corename}/config. This split of data and config allows upcoming Solr Docker Images to automatically update the solr config, before this was not possible as the solr core was configured once and the config never ever updated. (#552)
    If you customized the Docker Solr Images please update your Dockerfile from:
    CMD ["solr-precreate", "corename", "/solr-conf"]
    RUN precreate-core corename /solr-conf
    CMD ["solr-foreground"]
    Additionally update the provided Solr Configs from:

New Features:

  • Convert mariadb to a meta-server and auto discover mariadb-shared if the cluster supports it (#826)
    This basically means that Lagoon will automatically check if the OpenShift Cluster supports the lagoon-dbaas-mariadb-apb service broker class and if yes it will create a new service broker instance for this mariadb service. This means there is not a single pod anymore created for this environment, but instead a shared mariadb/mysql is used. If you still would like to have a single mariadb then use the service type mariadb-single. Existing projects not migrated to mariadb-shared are still automatically using the existing mariadb pod, to migrate see:
  • Added helper script to migrate existing projects to mariadb-shared (#819)
  • Support for Solr 7.5 (#807)
  • Support for PHP 7.3 (#811)
  • Support to run Tasks (shell commands) via the UI/API that are executed in a new pod in the same namespace (#845)
  • GraphQL API and UI have now support for GraphQL Subscriptions which automatically update in realtime on a new or updated Deployment, Backup or Task (#801)
  • Lagoon Tasks can now create artifacts which will be uploaded automatically by the API in an S3 compatible service and then served from there if requested via the UI/API (#820)
  • Added a new nginx-php-redis-persistent which puts nginx, php and redis into a single pod. More added for consistency and for specific cases where this can be useful (#813)
  • Added Support for upcoming Restic Backup-as-a-Service System (#813)
  • SSH Remote Shell now also supports SFTP into cli (#840)


  • Performance tune default mariadb-single and mariadb-galera configs (#793)
  • Added the haproxy config template that Lagoon expects to run within OpenShift (#825)
  • Improve Elasticsearch Curator (7949a03)
  • Better and faster mysqldumps for Backups (8031181)
  • Change default max_input_vars in php from 1000 to 2000 (#788)
  • UI improvements (#776)
  • Default Varnish Image ships now with dynamic director which can handle DNS changes on the fly and not only during Varnish starts (#759)
  • Default Varnish Image ships now with libvmod-bodyaccess (#759)
  • Add Projects to Customer Object in GraphQL API (#777)
  • Fix not found Tika extension in Solr (#808)
  • GraphQL API had issues loading the Hits for a month the year before (#839)
  • Remove ::ffff: in front of IPv6 addressed within X-Forwarded-For request headers (#837)
  • Enable xdebug's remote_log with an environment variable (#836)
  • Support for Drupal BigPipe (#846)
  • Longer timeouts for internal GraphQL Requests (aae899b)

Bug Fixes:

  • Handle environment names longer than 64 characters (#806)
  • Escape special characters in Pull Request Titles (#804)
  • Handle long environment variables within nginx health check (https://github.com/amazeeio/lagoon/pull/823/files)
  • Fix error with GraphQL deleteEnv (#822)
  • Handle environments with dots in .lagoon.yml (#818)
  • Fix overwritten lagoon-env config map (#792)
  • Fix issues with Keycloak 4.6.0 (#790)


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