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  • mariadb-shared migration script (#918)
    This is a shell script which allows lagoon admins to migrate between different mariadb-shared environments.
  • Lagoon Tasks don't need a running Pod anymore to start a task, this means tasks works also with environments that are idled (#899)
  • Add mongodb-shared service type (#889)
  • Add rabbitmq and rabbitmq-cluster service type (#867)


  • ❗️LAGOON_GIT_SHA environment variable is not updated by default anymore ❗️ (#879)
    Reasoning for this: Injection of this environment variable causes the pods to restart on every deployment even if the attached Docker Image did not change. This caused many unnecessary restarts. By default LAGOON_GIT_SHA is now set to 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000. If the previous functionality is required again, it can be set in .lagoon.yml:
      git_sha: 'true'


  • Update task status to "failed" when tasks error out (#898)


  • We don't notify about retries during environment deletions into chat channels anymore, they only created a lot of noise (#917)
  • The Lagoon UI shows now how many development environments are created and if there is a limit defined (#914)
  • Updated ELK stack to version 6.6.1 (#910)
  • Pinned alpine image for mariadb to version 3.8 which keeps mariadb on version 10.2 before we can come up with a migration path to 10.3 (#906)
  • Increase GitLab Timeout from 2 secs to 30 secs (#905)
  • Improve BaaS/k8up: Backup time to 22.00-02.00 (#904)
  • Improve BaaS/k8up: Dump MySQL into a file first and then cat into stdout, this removes the issue of long running mysqldumps on the mysql server (#904)
  • Allow to define an hour range for the cronjob annotation via H(2-4) (#904)
  • make the productionEnvironment a required field at project creation. (#883)
    This helps us avoid things like the servicebroker assigning a DB in the dev cluster to a (not labeled) production environment, or idling hitting an environment when the customer expects their site to be on 100% of the time.
  • Skip github PR deployments if only the body has changed (#870)
  • Log messages related to PR tasks are more consistent (#870)
  • PHP 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 Images are now running with Alpine version 3.9 (docker-library/php#786)


  • Drupal Varnish improvements (#902)
  • Update Redis environment variables (#891)
  • Adding Golive checklist (#891)
  • minified images / unified spelling of regex -> regular expressions / adding admonition
  • Fixed Link to pygmy documentation (#872)
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