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@Schnitzel Schnitzel released this Mar 22, 2019 · 95 commits to master since this release

As we are working on a full overhaul of the permission system in Lagoon (is there a version 1.0.0 on it's way??) we have some Lagoon installations that need to protect some users from themselves and we implement a blacklist env variable which allows to disable some GraphQL Mutations from regular users to be used.
As soon as we have the RBAC based system running, this will be obsolete and removed again.


  • Add environment variable to restrict API operations to admins only (#977)
  • Python 2.7 and 3.7 Base Images (#897) - thanks @srowlands
  • CKAN Base Images (#897) - thanks @srowlands


  • UI has clean URLs (#960)


  • UI project page now returns 404 when no project is returned (#931)
  • UI stuck in infinite loop when any runtime error is thrown in production mode


  • API no longer allows adding duplicate ssh keys (#577) - IMPORTANT for Lagoon Admins: Make sure that you run / within the api-db container after release. This will generate the necessary ssh fingerprints in the api databases. Also if there are already existing duplicated keys, you need to fix them (the script warns you)
  • Broker (RabbitMQ Cluster) is now having a separate headless service for cluster discovery (broker-headless) and a regular service for accessing the rabbitmq directly (broker). Before it was just a headless service which caused all kind of issues of connecting to the rabbitmq. - IMPORTANT for Lagoon Admins: you should delete the broker service and statefulset in your installation before deploying this version of Lagoon, as the deployment will fail otherwise. (#984)


  • Fix Markdown (#970) thanks @petk !
  • Better Shorthand ifs in the Drupal example files (#978)
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